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Totally like Leadership Skills

Are leaders born or created? Which Habits of Mind are NECESSARY for LEADERSHIP? Watch the following video clip, ESCALATOR and respond to the following:...
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Piggy’s Got The Conch!

Last week we started comparing and contrasting the Lion King with Lord of the Flies while focusing on the following: State of Nature, Natural...
Piggy and Ralph, Lord of the Flies


Check out our first set of Quizlet Flashcards .  Use the audio enhanced version by clicking on the text. To flip it over click...
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Today we start our HISTORICAL SCENE INVESTIGATION to evaluate historical sources throughout history. Items will be placed at 7 stations. Students worked in teams to...
One Two Three Branches


Watch the video. Share the most powerful stanza from the song and explain the meaning by posting a comment.
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History Matters

Commenting Practice: Select a response from one of your slides and share it by posting a comment below.
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Welcome Class of 2015!

The Internet has a global audience and online safety is of the utmost importance. Through blogging and use of web 2.0 tools, you will...
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Class of 2014

When you walk in your gowns at graduation, think of the heroes of the 54th Massachusetts Regiment. Think of their sense of pride and...
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The Trail of Tears

In 1828, gold was discovered on Cherokee land in Georgia. As a result, white miners harassed the Cherokee. Cherokee elders went to court arguing...
Sortify American Rev

CYOA American Revolution

For the CYOA, all students watch the BrainPop video American Revolution as an Overview. All students complete the Timeline of the Revolution. The following...