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Lord of the Flies GAME!!!
Web 2.0 digital tools provide a rich, compelling opportunity for students to use critical thinking skills to create and communicate their knowledge in engaging ways for a global audience.

This is a list of our favorite digital tools.

What are some of your favorite tools?

How do you use them in the classroom?

Please leave us a comment with your recommendations.

Thank you.

A special thank you to  Kathleen McGeady and Sue Waters.  Their blogs provide invaluable guidance from across the globe, relevant professional development to create and maintain meaningful educational blogs, and strategies to teach 21st century skills.    Click on their names and enjoy your visit:)

Wallwisher is an online post-it parking lot that encourages students to share knowledge in multiple formats. Stickies allow users to post text, links, videos, pictures, etc. Educators may  “moderate” comments to ensure online safety and digital citizenship. Embed walls on blogs, websites, etc.

Our class uses wallwisher to post Pop Culture connections to history and civics,  engage in debates, and respond to open ended questions/prompts.  Type “wallwisher” into our Search Bar to see our examples.

Slideshare is a media sharing website.  Set up a free account to upload, share and view media, presentations, docs, and pdfs. The Slideshare widget may be embedded on your blog.   I love slideshare and often visit my favorite professional development specialists and fellow educators.

Students have been using our slidespace since 2008 to access class lessons, videos, slideshows, docs, etc. This is a handy tool for students to access work from home.  Visit our slideshare widget located at the bottom of  the right sidebar.

Glogster EDU
Glogs are online interactive posters.  Sign up to activate a virtual classroom and receive 100 FREE student accounts at Glogster EDU.   Teachers moderate their “virtual classroom”  and Edublogs EDU offers privacy settings.   Create online interactive posters that far exceed an ordinary poster.   Glogster is user friendly and integrates technology, art, music, reading, writing, content, etc in a visually appealing forum.   Glogster’s vitual classroom supports student collaboration and communication of knowledge.  Students can add links to their glogs that enable the audience to conduct their own research.  Researching and adding photos , text, videos, and podcasts support students in using critical thinking skills.  Glogsters’s tools tie the work together.

We use glogster to present research and communicate learning.  Check out of Public Speaking Glogs on our home page.

xtranormal’s slogan is “If you can type you can make a movie.”  Published movies may be downloaded and shared on blogs, youtube, schooltube, etc.   The default actors and sets are free. Changing the defaults does cost money.   After you register for an account, go to account settings and change the content filtering option to meet your educational needs.

Our students use xtranormal to create historical movies, giving life to people’s words and deeds. I use xtranormal to begin class with a warm up or provide practice opportunities.  Type “xtranormal” into our search bar to view our movies.

Vodpod is a media sharing site. Users can add videos to their vodpod channel and use the vodpod widget to post on their blog.

Check out our vodpod widget at the top of our left side bar on our home page.


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3 Comments on “Digital Tools/Games
  1. I saw that you had a digital tool on your slideshare about a flashcard making website. I cannot find the link…please share 🙂
    And let me know when you are free so we might get together again.
    You inspire me!
    Mrs. Rebecca Varner (formerly Ms. Todd)

  2. I think the blog is very neat because it’s a little new to us, and i like trying new things. It is very organized in the conch, and if we miss any homework it’s very easy to find it on here. I really like the conch, and it will really nice to use it for the whole year.

  3. Hi Lisa,

    This is a great page, I’m sure your colleagues will enjoy it.

    Wordle is another great tool that is easy to use and requires no preparation.

    I’ve only played around with Glogster and haven’t yet used it with my students although I look forward to doing this soon!

    Keep up your great work,

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