Reduce Your “Waste” Lines

Today we celebrated Earth Day in all 8 Yellow classes. Our day began with an experiment to “REDUCE OUR WASTE LINES.” Staff and students each received a plastic bag in HR. We carried these bags throughout the school day (except to the restroom, of course, and lunch). Each student and staff member used the plastic bag for all trash or recyclables EXCLUDING FOOD/DRINKS. DURING LUNCH all 8 yellow students (and some kind 7th graders) threw their recyclables & trash into containers provided by your teachers. Many students learned that they could recycle their bottle caps and soda can tabs! During N period our entire class went outside to complete our experiment. We evaluated the amount of trash we accumulated in a few short hours (wow!), practiced recycling by sorting our trash and lastly, made a human “WASTE TIMELINE” demonstrating how long cans, bottles, balloons, diapers, cardboard boxes, styrofoam cups (50 yrs!), glass (1 million years!!!), milk cartons, etc take to BIODEGRADE.


Thank you Brandon, Giuseppe and Jen for sharing your insights about today’s lesson.

So, you’re probably wondering, “what went on the rest of the day?” Here’s an update:

Science class devoted their day to providing a safe ecosystem for native birds and butterflies by weeding, planting, and cleaning the fields of trash. Special thanks to Matt, Kaylee, Sean and Jeff for the clean up help!

In Language Arts, students met Rachel Carson (incidentally, we met her in Social Studies when we studied models of civic virtue, remember?). Her book, Silent Spring, solidified her role as an environmental activist.

In Math, students competed in Earth Day Jeopardy which tested our knowledge of math related environmental concepts (i.e., carbon footprint).

In Social Studies, Tim and Moby provided an overview of recycling and YOU took ACTION with your ActiVotes. We also enjoyed an interactive slideshow narrated by my zio Calogero, zia Rosa, and cugino, David. They gave us tips to help “SAVE THE PLANET.” We now hope many students will turn off the water when they are brushing their teeth.
Orkut Scrap Toys
Tomorrow, we will add your tips to our EARTH TREE and share your knowledge with our house. Please let us know your feedback about today’s lessons. “Warm” and “Cool” feedback are encouraged

Just in case you forgot…watch Brian’s PSA because YOU control how much ice melts:

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