Fare Thee Well Lobsters!

Students wrote and performed songs or poems applying their knowledge of the Road to Independence. The steps leading to the American Revolution were clearly communicated in an engaging way to a diverse audience including students, teachers, our vice principal, our principal, and curriculum supervisors.

One of the most popular and well received performances came from Alyssa & Arianna from N pd.  Their song was written to the tune of Justin Timberlake’s, Carry Out.  Ladies, we are proud of your effort and exceptional work!  You demonstrated understanding, confidence, and dedication which elicited positive feedback from all members of the audience.  Huzzah for a job well done!
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Please watch and leave a comment. The song lyrics are below.

5 thoughts on “Fare Thee Well Lobsters!

  1. Great job, girls! You combined my love of hip hop with my love of Colonial American history! Well done!

  2. Move over J.T. cuz here come the Ladies!! So proud of the both of you! Thank you Ms. DiGangi for an awesome assignment that was fun for the whole family. 🙂
    ~ Arianna’s Mom N pd ~

  3. Ms. DiGangi, my brother wanted to make a comment 🙂
    really good on the dance moves and lyrics 🙂 GREAT JOB ALYSSA AND ARIANNA!!!!

    -Aaron (Alyssa “Npd”‘s brother)

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