Too Late to Apologize…King George III

The Battle of the Bands project is an authentic way for students to communicate their understanding of content. Multiple talents and skills are fostered throughout the process: collaboration, research, and making connections through writing, choreography, instrumental, singing, etc. The project has evolved and students continue to impress us. This latest video is a gem and outstanding pop culture connection to the American Revolution and our Battle of the Bands project. Please watch and if you have time, use the search bar and type in “battle of the bands” to watch exceptional student samples.

13 thoughts on “Too Late to Apologize…King George III

  1. Hi Nicole,
    Thank you for posting the Zach and Cody episode about the Boston Tea Party! This demonstrates your commitment to reflecting back on prior knowledge. 😀 What connections did you find in this video clip?

    Hi Max,
    We’re happy to know you liked the video! Mr. Ryan loved it too! What helped you to understand what we are learning?

  2. Hi Nicky,
    This is one of my all time favorite pop culture connections! You are thinking ahead and that demonstrates understanding. 🙂 We will watch this video and School House Rock, “No More Kings” after NJ ASK.

  3. When watching the videos in class today, I remembered that I saw an episode on Disney Channel and few years ago dealing with the Boston Tea Party. The show also compares the Boston Tea Party to real-life sitiuations where us Americans are forced to fight for our freedom. Here’s the link to Part 1:

  4. I really enjoyed this video because it had a lot of connections to what we are learning in class.

  5. If anyone is having trouble keeping all the information straight or to help with our Close the Gaps, I think this video helps a lot.

  6. Hi Tyler,
    I agree! Are you able to post it on your blog? What did you think of Mattafix’s Big City Life?

  7. Yes. It shows the unfair taxing and laws (like when it says, “We payed your foolish tax, read the acts and the just won’t do.”). I previously had a brief understanding but this allowed me to obtain a better memory tool!

  8. Hi Jake, I’m happy you liked the video. The video focuses on the Reasons for Declaring Independence from Great Britain – Causes of the American Revolution. I’m wondering what evidence you saw in the video OR lyrics that depicted the causes for the Revolutionary War. I’ll look forward to your response.
    Tyler, feel free to also answer my question:)

  9. Ha! That was pretty dang funny. I liked the old song and this was pretty good. I laughed thinking of all our ancestors “rocking out” although I don’t think it showed the revolution very well. The most I got was the beginning where they talked about a free nation.

  10. Hi Tyler,

    I agree! This video cleverly communicates the “break up” between the colonies and England. Did it help explain the reasons for the American Revolution?

  11. This is the best edit to a song I’ve ever heard, and not to mention how cool the video was!

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