13 thoughts on “Alex’s Debate: Global Warming Does Not Exist

  1. Sometime this week I saw a girl had a bottle and tongue almost stuck in throat. She had to go to hospital because she could not breath so tube in there.Her family members got rid of all aluminum rim bottles. That’s so sad.

  2. @Evi, I miss all of you and yes, evi, I was so happy to see another comment from our blogger winner:) It would be great if all of you kept the debate going and if any of you want to author a post write a comment and I will copy and paste it into a post.

    @Alex, I just finished reading National Geographic’s (June 2010) article titled, “Greenland: Ground Zero for Global Warming.” It describes multiple effects of global warming on the economy and society of Greenland. Do you have access to National Geographic? If yes, check out the article and let us know your thoughts.

    Take care, Lisa

  3. @alex:
    i will miss debating with you about whether or not global warming exists 🙁

    but it does…i mean look @ all the info i gave you. right now, so many poisonous fumes are being released into the atmosphere because of multiple reason. the main one being manufacturing, especially the meat industry cuz cows release methane 🙂

    and lisa, since you’re reading this i know you’re going “aw evi” or “oh evi”


  4. @Alex, I like the compare/contrast using the 2 magazine covers. Were you able to discover if they are verifiable? Use the rule of 3 – fact check using at least 3 sources. I’m wondering what specifically about Al Gore’s presentation do you object to & why.

  5. Unfortunately Alex, I have to disagree with your title. Global Warming does exist, but it isn’t happening now. Now if you come back in about 30 years, it will be happening then (when everyone will say that we’ll die of an ice age). Global Cooling exists too, and that’s what is happening now.

  6. Polar ice caps are NOT melting. Here’s the proof.


    Go to this and see the graph from the National Weather Service. The lowest dip is from 2007, where ice caps were at their worst, supposedly because of Global Warming.

    But then look at the green line. 2008 had a HIGHER dip, meaning LESS MELTING!
    Blue is 2009 (the year without a summer, as meteorologists say), and it is higher. 2010 (the red line) is slightly below 2009, but significantly higher than 2007 or 2008.

    I could go on and on about it, but don’t ever say anything without proof (that means YOU Sibohan, Rayma, and Evi!), because proof always is right. The human brain isn’t right all of the time.

    The world is cooling, and it will begin warming in the year of 2037, then start cooling in the year of 2067, etcetera.

    I believe my work is done, so ciao!


  7. Look, I posted some links on ice caps. This proves you wrong and proves me awesome.

  8. Again! I disagree with your theory. check out all of my links they all PROOVE that global warming exists and that we need to do something about this. Based on all the effects with the polar bears, weird weather, and dissapearing species that occur from greenhouse gases (which are given support by researchers and scientists), then GLOBAL WARMING IS MAN MADE AND IT EXISTS!!

  9. Alex,
    I disagree with you. The world is getting warmer and not colder and fast. The polar icecaps are melting and the water levels are rising. If we don’t do something fast we will all be in trouble.

  10. so again i disagree with you. one of siobhan’s point is that polar icecaps are melting. what else could cause this but global warming? im sure it has happened before but has it gone so far that the polar bears, penguins, or other polar animals are loosing their habitat?

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