4 thoughts on “Chris’s Debate: Pro Drilling for Oil

  1. @Ramya, Your supporting details are well done. Explain how oil is a limited resource – that would help solidify your arguments.
    @Siobhan, I like how you mentioned an alternative to oil consumption. What alternatives would be the most effective?
    @Evi, Thank you for asking (demanding) that Chris organize his wallwisher:)

  2. It is me again. I disagree with you that we should continue drilling for oil. God knows what will happen again with another spill. We should just find another way to find resources besides oil. Then it will decrease greenhouse gases, and the possiblilty of another spill. That spill is hurting poor little animals and plants! HELP THEM! read my blog

  3. chris, i know i posted this msg on your wall but please organize your stickies or just post a comment like me! ok anyways, drilling is bad! we’re abusing the oil. we’re taking it for granted. yeah sort of repetitive but…yeah drilling is bad!!!!!!

  4. Chris,
    I still don’t agree with you. Drilling for oil is a waste because it is hurting the enviroment. Instead of drilling for oil people should focus on creating an alternative source of fuel. The amount of oil in the earth is limited. So, we should try and preserve it. Instead of using it all at once.

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