8 thoughts on “Evi’s Debate: Pro Zoos for Species Preservation

  1. i think the zoos is a good way to protect the animals. particular in the endangered animals. so i very agree with your point.

  2. oh and also no verbal fillers as that was what i conducted my research on and i have learned that it disrupts fluency in speech and makes you seem like a less credible source.

  3. i will apply these skills to verbal debates by arguing with pathos, as much of my written debate has shown. i will argue very strongly and emotionally with facts that i have read from my peers debate. basically i will try to incorporate all of aristotles rhetoric devices; ethos, logos, and pathos; to my debate.

  4. @Evi, You have exhibited commitment to the blog debates and should be proud:) I enjoy reading your posts and comments. Posting video clips that support your argument also strengthen your position. How will you apply this passion to the verbal debates?

  5. uh lisa, im not sure if you’ll see this comment post or whatever but there are a few stickies on my wall that needs approving…and im not sure why this is cuz im pretty sure you took turned that off. yeah just letting you know!

    Why zoos are good!!!!
    1. education
    2. doctoring more like vetering if that’s a word sick or hurt animals
    3. lets people see exotic animals they may never see o.0
    4. conservation!!! (in simpler words: protects animal!!! YAY!!! cuz that’s good!!!)

    this is why we must continue to support zoos!! yeah!!! go zoos!! whoohoo!!!

  6. everyone agree with me!! 🙂 except for k8 🙁 but just putting it out there, i said this before on my wall wisher, but zoos are improving. people are realizing that zoos help save and protect animals. before, they used cages and small spaces but now they realize that animals live better in a habitat similar to their old one and they’ve been improving as jane goodall says!! not that’s called a credible source! 😉

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