Our SIG Seniors created Glogs to display their learning and conducted original research observing teachers, students, staff members, and peers to determine if the following enhance or diminish the impact of a speech:

  • Rate of Speech
  • Physical Gestures
  • Verbal Fillers
  • Emphasis

Students used the following glog to guide their work:

K8’s Glog on Physical Gestures:

Ramya’s Glog on Verbal Fillers

Evi’s Glog on Verbal Fillers:

Chris’s Glog on Rate of Speech:

Alex’s Glog on Emphasis

4 thoughts on “Um…Like…Uh…

  1. Hi Mrs. D and class
    These glogs that you did are awesome I learn’t quite alot from reading the results of your experiments. I am new to using the glogster thing and I think is really fun to use. What do think did you enjoy using it.
    Your blogging friend
    Teegan 😛

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