F ReeLaND versus LaWLaND

We started our Civics unit by exploring “HoW We GoT HeRe.”   The Enlightenment opened our journey and we will discover the KeY To JoHN LoCKe and the roots of our republic.  Check out our slideshow and make pop culture connections on our latest wall below.

3 thoughts on “F ReeLaND versus LaWLaND

  1. Oh i see the video thanks. I really liked how the trailer showed how life was like before we had a government and makes me think “what else was life like?” And yes, the video did help he show why we have the government he have and how “lawland” is better then “freeland”

  2. Hi Nicole,
    Are you referring to the Reformation Revolution Trailer? I added it to vodpod widget in the top left side bar. What did you like about it? Did it help clarify why we have our form of government?

  3. Love the video Mrs. D! Just a question, a friend wanted to watch the video but I can’t view it on slideshare and can’t find it under your videos could you upload it soon?

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