CHaLLeNGe #4: Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

Ok, folks, the next challenge is posted and this time it will build our global community.

Students are encouraged to post 10 comments on student and class blogs.  Find students and or classes with similar interest.  Before you leave a comment read that blog’s commenting guidelines and follow our rules for cyber safety.

Read this post from Mrs. Yollis’ class about How to Leave Quality Comments. Share our blog address and invite the classes or students to visit and leave a comment for us. Let us know when you left a comment but commenting on our blog.

Click here to read about this Challenge on the Student Blogging Challenge website.

I visited and left comments on our partner blogs:
Room 1 Language Arts
Mrs. Ratzel’s 6th Grade History

I also commented on:

Teegan’s Blog, a student from New Zealand

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