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  1. Hi Himani,
    I am happy you watched Julianna’s Zooburst! I wonder if Juliana can provide any pointers for students who want to make this CYOA next time.

  2. I was going to do this 3D as my CYOA but I thought we had to put what we were going to put on a paper then print this out. I did not know people could do 3D’s on the computer. I would have never known if you did not do this PICTURE IT! It looks wonderful and I’m going to try to do this on the next CYOA!!!I knew what the pictures in the book meant.

  3. Hi Jake,
    That’s a great idea! What do you like about the zooburst? Do you think you’ll do a zooburst for the next CYOA?

  4. Ms D you should use juliana’s ZooBurst next year as an example and as a study tool this is very helpful

  5. Wow! Juliana this is really good. I bet you worked for days to make this as good as you did. This is a great study tool.

  6. Hi Cassidy,
    Juliana’s work did impress many students. Would you chose to make a zooburst for the next CYOA Study Tool? Juliana did spend a lot of time on her CYOA. I wonder what suggestions she may have for the multiple students that are interested in zooburst. If you are ever confused please don’t hesitate to ask a clarifying question in class or on the blog. We are always here to help. 🙂

  7. Hi Juliana,
    Your definition is well done and I appreciate your use of digital etiquette! I like the idea of using a voting booth and citizens to represent a Republic.

  8. Ms Digangi,

    I think a Republic is a political system when the power is in the hands of citizens who can elect people to represent them. I think a picture to represent this could be citizens waiting to vote at a voting booth.

  9. Juliana, you did a very good job on this and i could tell you spend a lot of time working on it. When Ms.Digangi was explaning it i was alittle confused and i thought it was going to be hard but you make it look easy. good job!

  10. I think her pictures accurately demonstrated the story. I also think she did a great job at answering all of the questions for the CYOA.

  11. I think this is really neat it was interesting to watch. I kind of wish I did a zooburst for my 3rd CYOA it looked like it was fun and easy to make.

  12. This looks like Juliana put in a lot of time and effort to do this project and looked nice and planned out. When I clicked on the pictures it gave me more information on that specific topic which is good, like the others said. I think we should have more opportunites in the future to do this. It was creative and looked fun to make. Nice work and effort Juliana 🙂

  13. Hi Mrs. Ratzel,

    Thank you for leaving us a comment. I agree. A republic is a type of government and the Republican elephant represents the Republican political party. We discussed this difference in class and the picture could confuse others. Juliana, what is a republic? What other picture could you choose?

  14. Dear Juliana,

    This was very interesting for me to watch and I agree with the other commenters that the images made me wonder what I was going to learn when I clicked on the speech bubble.

    I have only one suggestion…in the page where you talk about our country being a republic, you used an image of the Republican political party. As a teacher of 6th graders, they get very confused between the idea of a republic form of government and the Republican political party. I think you’re older so this might not confuse you, but you might want to find a different image so that anyone that is younger won’t think you mean the political party.

    Otherwise, I liked your presentation.

    Mrs. R

  15. I agree with Lindsey on how it told you the answer when above the characters head with a ! that was probably really helpful to study with. I tried but It wouldnt log me back on.

  16. I thought this was really good about how she added the pictures and when you clicked on it, it told you the answer to the questions asked. This was really good:)

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