11 thoughts on “BySTanDer or STanD UP?

  1. I think it’s inspirational to see all the heroes in the hallway. These people have nothing in common- except their care for the common good, making them models of civic virtue. It’s amazing to me that many of these people were just average everyday ones, who decided to make a difference and make a little more of their lives than just being greedy and self centered. I think this project sheds light on hope for America, and the world, and that we can all make a little more of our lives. This project has proved that everyday people can do as much as a super star can, with willpower, persisitance and defiance against the wrong choice, even if everyone’s doing it. The heroes we see display these qualities in great depth.

  2. Hi,

    I was wondering where do I find the printable handout on the service topics? Also, where is the link for service topics we can choose from on the blog?


  3. Hi Himani,
    What a great observation! If you were in 6th or 7th grade what would you think? Have you seen any 6th or 7th graders reading our heroes?

  4. I saw the heros in the hallway and watched the slide show. I do not hate any of the heros because I thought all of the heros were attractive. Since the heros are in the hallway where 6th and 7th graders can see them, I wonder if they can wait to make their own and discover heros that haven’t been on the hallway in the past.

  5. Hi, Dani, thank you for your nice comment. Who did you do for your hero? I did Jane Addams. I know everybody including us did a good job on our heros.

  6. The Hero’s in the Hallway helped me realized that there are many famous and infamous hero’s who help in what they are passionate about, and that there is alot I can do to help. My hero, Jane Goodall voluntered her time to help chimpanzies in Austarlia (DiGangi note: Jane Goodall worked in Tanzania, Africa). I can’t travel to Austarlia (Tanzania), but there are other things I can do to help. Something I could do to model Jane’s acts is I could raise money and donate the money to the Jane Goodall Insitute (JGI).There is also many other things I could do to help my community to. Also, I agree with Dani and Ms. D, Himani, you would’ve done a greta job on Mahatma Ghandi if you were able to choose him 🙂

  7. Hi Dani,
    Thank you for sharing your observation that there are heroes everywhere, in every field, and in every country. It was also nice to read the warm feedback you gave to your peers and the kind words of encouragement you wrote for Himani. This demonstrates Thinking Interdependently. I am happy to hear that Cesar Millan has inspired you to continue helping abused pets. You are an asset to Animal Welfare Club! Are you interested in reading any of his books? Maybe you can select one for your dear book. I learned about his struggles and the people that lent him their help along the way. For example, Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith supported Cesar in the beginning of his career because they recognized his talent. Fortunately, he has repaid that debt by devoting his life to animal advocacy. I think he is scheduled to appear on Jon Stewart tonight.

  8. Hi Himani,
    I agree with Dani. You would have done a fine job. Always do your best and you can take pride in your work. 🙂 Who was your hero? What did you like about your hero?

  9. I feel like we all did a wonderful jobs on our heroes in the hallway projects. I like the variety of heroes we could have done. Anywhere from actors to singers to presidents to artists to animal savers and many more.I did Ceaser Millan and he has inspired me so much to change the world and help the dog abuses. Many people should really think about their hero and try to do something good for the world! Himani I think you would have done a good job on the project, don’t put yourself down. I hope many people take into consideration on what I said to do and change the world to make it better. 🙂

  10. I wanted to do Mahatma Ghandi as a hero but the person who did him as a hero did a good job!This person did a better job than I would have.

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