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iCivics Legislative Branch Video
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  1. Hi Ms.DiGangi,
    The How a Bill Becomes a Law video really helped me understand how a bill a becomes a law and how it explain the steps it takes.This helped clarify a lot of questions I had.

  2. We’re on the tablet right now and were about to try the videos! and testing comments!

  3. Hi Dani,
    If your topic is dog fighting, one example/effect could be Vick & his dogs. There is a great book about Vick’s dogs, Lost Dogs. Did you also check the ASPCA and Cesar Millan’s websites for info on dog fighting?

  4. Hi Ms D,
    I didn’t know where else to post this so i am posting it here. For the PSA i am doing dog fighting and i don’t know if you want me to focus my whole project on Micheal Vick or overall dog fighting thnx let me know


  5. Hi Nicole and Colin,
    The username and password for the library are the same as your school username and password. What reliable sources did you use?

    Hi Melanie,
    Use the research links and/or the news sources on our blog’s right side bar.

  6. I am having difficulty finding an article about physical child abuse. I went on the library’ website but most of the writings I found were only excerpts from a full article. I was also wondering if it had to be an article about a person getting abused or just about physical child abuse?

  7. Hi Ms. Digangi,
    First of I have a question. For our research, it said to use the MMS libary site. As Colin said, you need a username and password, so instead I found an article from a reliable source, it that okay? Also, I have two extra sheets about causes/effect and solutions on my topic to find more research. Do i need to inculde them also?
    I also rewatched the “iCivics Legislative Branch Video”. I think the video was excellent way to tell us about the Legeislative Branch. They made the video fun while teaching us about the Legeislative Branch and how the branch works.

  8. Hi Ms. D, on the bottom of the Preliminary research page, it says use the MMS library sites. I tried to do that, but it required a username and password. So i just found an article on the web, but I think it is pretty good.

  9. Ms.D, what was the name of the man who invented the lifesaver bottle, and does he have a website. Is it ok if i have one article for causes and effects and another for solutions?

  10. Hi Brennan,
    Yes to both questions. Once you find your article, read, and highlight causes, effects, etc. the question should be easy to formulate. It is similar to how you begin your Science lessons.

  11. Yes he was born and rasied an American it is almost like the book I read when i was in elementry school this navy guy was docked in japan and met a Japaense woman and they taught each other how there cultures work and what they were and then they lived on in Japan (Nihon)

  12. Ms.D, can we get our article for research off of world book from the library site using our library card? Also, does the topic for the paper have to be in qestion form? Thank you.

  13. My uncle was born in Japan and his mom was Japanese and his dad was America and he moved here when he was young. But when he was still living in Japan does that mean he is an American citizen or no?

  14. Hi Ms.DiGangi
    In class we talked about the president of senate and how he makes the deciding vote if there is a tie on a law. I went home and searched and searched for it and I found this website that looked like it had very good detail on the information we are learning right now. Here is the link to the number of times I think the President of Senate has had to do this.. . I hope this helps anyone who needs it and I hope this answers the question that we had in our class.

  15. Hi Chris,

    Thank you for sharing your opinion on the video. Why do you think the Framers (55 adult, white males) of the Constitution created a long process to make laws? Why did they allow the president to check the law making power of Congress? Would you recommend this video to other students?

  16. I just watched the Schoolhouse Rock video. It really helped me understand the process of a bill becoming a law. Even if the WHOLE Congress says yes, the president can STILL veto it. Bills must take years to be looked at it and they still may be vetoed. That video really clarified everything we learned today.

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