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  1. Hi Ms. D, its Katie and Phil, The pc is great to use and fun. Only thing thats wrong with it is that it freezes when we are n the blog.

  2. Ms.D, in our agenda books, we wrote postage stamp due thursday. What is the postage stamp? My class didn’t get it.

  3. what do I do for number 22? Review the checks and balances flow chart for better understanding

  4. Ms.D, I was looking over the papers to use for the CYOA and when I do question number twenty-one (how are electoral votes determined?), is that how the people vote for the electors and how you get the total number for each state (two senators + number of representatives)? I wasn’t sure, because I wrote some of that information on the (Electors) card. Thank you.

  5. Hi Billy, I just tried it and it seems to be working. Recycle the paper by cutting them into squares and completing the “Go Fish” CYOA or the Ol’ Skool flash cards,

  6. I made the flashcards with everything on them. I went to click print and when it started printing cards came out and said enter text here and i have wasted close to 10 pieces of paper in the process it just isnt working.

  7. Hi Billy, First, select WORDS to make the flash cards. Second, create 4 cards (they let you create 4 at a time). After you enter the information for the 4 flash cards click SEE IT and then click PRINT.

  8. The problems i have been expieriencing are I completed the note cards and when i go to print the cards it comes out saying enter text here or something like that. Im not sure if there is a different way to print them or not

  9. Hi Billy, What problems are you experiencing? Complete the rest of the study guide as “Go Fish” on index cards.

  10. Ms. D i am having a lot of trouble printing out flashcards 2.0. Do you have any suggestions?

  11. It’s James once again, and the app store isn’t working. Iw as disappointed because I wanted social study games(: yeah nd other games to, like helicopter attack, and light saber. Well anyway I’m sot a liking the iPad, anew sorta not

  12. The iPad was a great tool during class. For copying notes the picture was really clear. Also, it was really easy to copy the notes when the ipad was right next to us instead of looking up at active board.
    Although the iPad did have some flaws. We needed flash for most of the websites on the blog so we couldn’t access most off the websites we needed, but we could get to the slideshows and power points. Lastly, the ipad sometimes took a very long time to load some of the websites we went to.

  13. After I used the ipad, I also seen as well the videos were overlapping some of the side bars. I have also seen that if you don’t zoom in to click on something, you will click the wrong thing. The ipad works great and is worth having!

  14. After using the iPad,the only thing that was out of sorts,was how the videos at the top of the homepage of the blog,overlapped on the sidebar links.Otherwise,everything went amazing!

  15. Well it’s James and adobe is not good at all. Today I tried to watch videos and it wont work, so therefore the videos that are educational will not work. But today keyboard is still annoying. Today my A + went to a C

  16. Ms.D, I think that the tablet is a very good way to take notes because you can write at your own rate and not worry about slowing down class.

  17. A dog was killed by and on comming car because a burglar threw him on the rode after he had been caught they all had a funeral in that one nite a german shepard that was killed tragic!

  18. My dad has one, and your right Devon, it is great for taking notes. I would also enjoy that more than the ActivBoard. It is a lot more fun and the slideshows look cool on it.

  19. The tablet is helpful for viewing the slideshow. If I need to copy notes or answer a question I can always go back and not hold the class up.

  20. Ms. Digangi, I really like this iPad and would prefer it over seeing it on the active board. It’s clearer when taking notes and watching videos and I think it would be a lot easier if we had these in the class room! Overall, i really like it a lot.

  21. Hi there Mrs. Digangi, it’s James it this ipad it pretty cool we really need these in our schools they help learning and they are a lot fun to! But typing is kinda hard, but so are all touch screen things! But overall A+

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