18 thoughts on “MaKE iT STiCk

  1. I really injoyed this game. I thought it was fun and had alot of information. It would really be cool if you made another game like this in the future.

  2. Hi everyone,
    Thanks for the comments about my work on this quiz, I hope it helped you all do good on the social studies test. Mrs.R, yes it was easy to add questions, and this helps you study as you complete it. Your welcome for the example, but you should really be thanking Mrs.D for thinking of the whole idea, and taking time out to put this whole blog together.
    Thanks everyone!

  3. my score was 2700. I know i couldve done better but i felt that the quiz was not that specific in the questions and confusing in some areas. Overall, the quiz was very well done and congrats to trisha for making it on the blog!

  4. URL…i think this is it..if not Mrs.D you told me to do something in social studies to help me out with getting the my studio to you. but i forgot what you told me! help!

  5. Tricia, this is a great quiz. It uses all of the study guide terms and then some! Great job, this definitely would have helped me! It’s very specific. AWESOME!

  6. Trisha,
    This was an excellent thing to post. Our class tried some of your questions, and it was easy to use and also helped us learn. Two functions at once!!!!

    It has inspired us to think how we might use this tool in our own classroom. Since we are studying ancient Egypt, we could do the same thing except use the learning targets we have. Right now we are making presentations to each other and then we’ll have a big quiz at the end….was it easy to add questions? If so, then we could add questions at the end of each day as we get new information.

    Thanks again for sharing your idea and good example.

    Mrs. R and 6th/7th hour social studies.

  7. This Quiz helped me out a lot. And not only did I make the note cards to study but I took Tricia’s Quiz. Now I feel real solid on the test. Thank you Tricia

  8. Once again, whoever used my quiz to study and found it helpful thank you. Also I’m sorry for the little mistakes that there where through out the quiz, I hope there was no confusion through out the quiz, because of this.

  9. Where is Tricia’s quiz? I want to try it but can’t find it. Mabye I’m not looking hard enough.

  10. Thanks everyone who said good job! Your welcome to whoever I helped study. Sam i hope i helped you when you texted me, I’m sorry that I couldn’t get back to you faster on the blog. Thanks again!

  11. Hi Dani,Alicia, and Neil, I am happy to hear your warm feedback for Tricia. It also sounds like the quiz was helpful.
    Hi Brennan, A postage stamp is what we use to mail letters, etc. We’ll discuss it tomorrow in class.

  12. Tricia I took your quiz, it was fun and I used it to help me study. I found a few typos here and there but overall it was fun.

  13. hey Tricia,
    You did really good on this quiz! i took it and i thought it really helped me so thanks! i hope you get a good grade on it because you did great. Also in class you told us on how you were separating your time and planing which shows your putting a lot of effort into it. So outstanding job (:

  14. Very nice quiz Tricia ! It has very specific questions and basic questions. I scored a 3100 out of 3600! Good work!

  15. Hey Tricia! I took yout quiz, it was great! but i did the same thing. i made a quiz and i got the username and password from Mrs.D. but i am still confused on how to post the quiz that i made on the blog! help me please?!?

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