7 thoughts on “SuPREME DeCISION

  1. Melanie and I are using the Ipad this week, and it is a lot easier to me than the tablet. I had to use the tablet after the test one day, and it was very slow. I enjoy the Ipad a lot more and think it is a better choice than the tablet.

  2. For me, using the iPad was easier and it works faster than a regular computer or tablet. The picture is also clearer than the laptop or the tablet and is easier to read and look at the pictures and handouts

  3. I was going to post here the comment,I do not know the case is saying but I could not submit comment and I didn’t want to post again because that took me a long time. Today in class I was still confused abuot everything. Using the DELL computer was easy when I used it. I have a DELL at home but this is a better laptop computer. The DELL was good.

  4. From Brennan on the tablet, I thought that the tablet worked well today. The tablet was easy to use and it helped me and a couple of others take notes at our own pace. We were able to go ahead or fall behind while still listening and trying to catch up or take notes because we were ahead and had extra time.

  5. This is Brennan from the tablet. I thought that the tablet was easy to navigate and fast when it comes to loading up pages and websites. I do not, however like the writing with the stylus. It did not work well and the letters and numbers got chopped. I would recommend this for searching the internet.

  6. Today I learned that the school is able to conduct searches if they have a reasonable suspicsion but they can not go too far by doing unreasonable searches. I also learned that the fourth amendment protects our right to unreasonable searches. Another thing I learned is that speech is not always protected in certain situations. I learned about the story about how a girl had a unreasonable search and the supreme court had said it was unnessary of the school to do that and they should not have gone that far.

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