We are engaging in WaR…PeNNY WaRS…fighting to end dog fighting by taking action…to be a voice for the voiceless.
Our students and staff are competing in Penny Wars to raise much needed funds for local organizations, Rescue Ink and Lilo’s Promise, that protect, defend, and rescue abused animals.
Penny Wars was inspired by Oogy, a bait dog. Oogy is living proof that heroes exist, resilience leads to better opportunities, and that love can heal deep wounds. We love you Oogy!
Our students were also inspired by Sarge’s story. After 14 years in an abuse situation, his rescue was filmed on Animal Planet’s, Animal Cops. He has put those 14 years behind him to be an ambassador for abused dogs proving that they can successfully be rehabilitated (and win BeaUTY PaGeaNTS:) Penny Wars end on Wednesday, December 22nd.
UPDATED: 12/26/10

14 thoughts on “PeNNY WaRS for PuPS

  1. Hi Emily,
    You have been very generous to our special cause! Penny Wars wouldn’t be successful without enthusiastic and caring students like you. 🙂

  2. During the penny wars for pups, i have donated a total of 15 dollars. I put 5 dollars in Ms. Masterman’s jar, 2 dollars in Ms. Haislip’s, and the rest went to Mr. Zagorski! I thought the penny wars was a great idea to raise money. Great idea Ms. D!

  3. Today the tablet is working pretty well. Redundantly, the image is okay but not as clear as I’d like it to be. It took a long time to load the internet, but once it was on, I was immediately loaded onto the
    The tablet is good and it’s getting easier to type on, actually.

  4. The iPad is not working with the apps today, they open up the app for less than five seconds and close. I was very disappointed in it. The browser worked alright today and I still have my pros and cons to the ipad.

  5. Hi miss Digangi! This is Danielle and Andrew from D period on the tablet. The picture is a little bit fuzzy and the screen is small. It takes long to load, but it’s still okay to use. Regarding the Penny Wars, i think it is a very successful fundraiser because it brings fun and joy to donating. I think alot of people are compelled to get involved in friendly competition!

  6. Hi Anna,
    Me too! I love beating Mr. Z – it is so much fun seeing him cry. : ) What makes this fundraiser successful? I like your idea about more penny wars. Maybe we can compete within our house. What do you think?
    I am hoping Mr. H. can help us with the bolt cutters by tomorrow…we’ll keep everyone updated.

  7. Ms. Digangi,

    This is the most fun I’ve ever had raising money. I wish we could have more penny wars. This entire experience has been so much fun i cant believe its all going to a good cause. We must have raised over $200 at least. I hope you find some bolt cutters!

  8. Hi Nicole,
    Thank you for posting this from Oogy’s wall! I am so happy that everyone was able to meet both Oogy and Sarge. It is powerful to meet real victims of dog fighting and the heroes that rescued them! What was your favorite part of their visit?
    Hi Jakob,
    Do you remember which right from the UDHR that video clip represents?

  9. Hi Miss Digangi, I just found on Oogy’s fan page on facebook from Mr. Levin about Oogy and Sarge vist to MMS! here it is:
    Thanks to the kids at Marlton MS and Cherokee HS. Oogy, Sarge Wolf-Stringer, his parents and I met a flock of them Thursday. They were engaged, perceptive and full of great questions. Not to mention kind and generous spirits. We hope to see them again –when the weather is warmer. And thanks to everyone (especially John and the staff) for last night at Jake’s Dog House. We’ll be back there real soon. Stay tuned.

  10. The conch helped us get the notes quick as ever and gave us time to try paint for project and making projects for school. This helps us to learn and we can type our questions to prevent forgetting them.

  11. We like the tablet but at some points it was slow and took awhile to load pages. The first page was slow to load but then ran fine from there on.

  12. The starting page took a while to load after we put in the password but the internet worked fine and after all was loaded the slide show worked smoothely. The tablet worked well also when we turned the screen around to the tablet. The loadig of certain pages took a little longer than perfered but eventually everything worked as well as it should.

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