Yelling FIRE! in a Crowded Theater?!

Pictionary helped us brush up on our knowledge of the Bill of Rights in real life. Several drawings made us laugh out loud…Grant’s depiction of the 9th Amendment, Tommy’s depiction of the 8th Amendment, Arden’s depiction of the 10th Amendment, and Neil’s depiction of the 2nd Amendment stand out.
The Bill of Rights Quiz is Friday and all students have the opportunity to earn 3 extra credit points. Use the study guide to make 18 note cards to use as a study tool.
We are wrapping up our study of the Bill of Rights by watching the PBS documentary, The Murder of Emmett Till, and applying the Bill of Rights (especially the 5th & 6th Amendments) to Emmett’s story which details events that furthered the Civil Rights Movement.

7 thoughts on “Yelling FIRE! in a Crowded Theater?!

  1. Hi Andrew,
    Thank you for sharing this information. The accused must be brought before a judge usually within 24-48 hrs to be arraigned. Do you remember the flow chart that we used to show the “process” an accused person must go through? What is the arraignment? Trials usually are scheduled within a few weeks to several months of formal charges depending on the charges since some trials will take months of preparation for both the defense attorney and the prosecutor. Do you have a link to the news story?

  2. I was watching the news, and they were telling about this guy who killed a waitress, but is being held without trial till March iof next year. I thought it was supposed to be on the next business day! Can they really do this.

  3. Hi Anna, I agree! Neil’s pictionary was funny:)
    Did anyone see this pop culture connection: “They say you can’t yell ‘fire’ in a crowded theater unless it’s actually on fire. That means if I want to have free speech, I have to become an arsonist.” – Stephen Colbert

    If you did, post it on our wallwisher for Civics and earn some extra credit. Don’t forget to explain how it’s connected to what we learned.

  4. haha when I read “Neil’s depiction on the 2nd amendment” I laughed out loud. I remember the “gun” and I can’t stop laughing. It was definitely a memorable moment.

  5. Hi Bianca, Roy Bryant and JW Milam were indicted (formally charged) for murder. The ring on Emmett’s finger was clearly his dad’s and his mother, Mamie Till, identified the body. Despite this evidence the jury chose to discard Mamie’s testimony and the ring as proof that the body was in fact Emmett. Why would the all white male jury in the deep south of Mississippi acquit the defendants?

  6. For clarification, the only reason why Brant and JW Milam didn’t get charged for crime was because the judge wanted to seem like the Afraican American were bad? But why weren’t they found guilty if the ring on Emmits finger was prof that it was him?

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