3 WoRLDs CoLLiDe

The journey through our first historical era, Many Worlds Meet, examines the economic, societal, political, and geographic factors that influenced Africa and Europe prior to the Age of Exploration. The CLOZE activity below encourages students to apply past knowledge and use context clues to “close the gaps” in the reading passage. We review using pop culture, including Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Ed Nye, and the History Channel. Thank you Brian and Ms. B for bringing in the “Renaissance Faire” pop culture connection!

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  1. Ms. D, I have two different articles on the Black Death to use, but I know that certain information that we went over was not on my articles, for example the physicians and there fake cures. I have other information about it, but I wanted to get a website or page that included details about the doctors and the fake cures they used. Since, we went over this in class I was wondering if you knew a good site with this information. I searched for some sites, but have not found one that looks reliable. I will keep searching.

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