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  1. Hey, Ms. D!
    As I told you at PJ’s( which was awesome!), I saw a video on Disney Channel about Black History Month. It is a very nice video and is something teens can connect to easily. It gives the names of a couple of important African Americans and what they had in common. Hope you enjoy! Here’s the link since the wallwisher wasn’t working. For some reason if the link doesn’t work, just copy and paste, you should be fine.


  2. I enjoyed the experience of drawing Mr.Hoffman on the bottom of the desk and i really felt like it helped me to connect to the painter

  3. Hi Ms.D,
    I was just showing my mom this video when i was looking at your blog. She loves it by the way! and I clicked on the link to Mr.Roughton’s blog..does he teach 8th grade also? I wasnt sure but I watched some of his videos and they were really cool and there was one involving aztecs so I thought it was an 8th grade class also.

  4. Hi Bianca, Cross off the extra question on your handout. We will review the handout tomorrow. Have a good night.

  5. Hi Ms.D, I didnt finish the Age of Exploration packet in class so I got the answer key off the slideshare. However, for the last page(Cabot and Hudson Explore North America) it only had five questions and our packet has six.

  6. Ms. D, Is it just the first five pages and then the answer key on the next five? What about the multiple choice on the last five pages?

  7. Hi Brennan, Are you able to print out the handout, “Age of Exploration?” It’s located in the most recent post. If yes, use the answer key on the last 4 pages to respond to the questions. The goal of today’s activity was to “read for information.” We will cut and construct the maps tomorrow in class.

  8. Hey Ms d. I was wondering how you find the answer key to the age of exploration packet since I didn’t finish it in class

  9. Ms. D, I was wondering if there was any homework I could do tonight, like cut out the map and pieces i saw in recent comments. Thank you.

  10. Ms.D, I went to slideshare and typed age of exploration in the search bar and a lot of powerpoints came up. I saw when you went there it worked but not when I did. I did exactly what you told me to do.

  11. Thank you very much Ms. D I wasn’t sure because on the agenda it said cut and color and then it said color so I wasn’t sure

  12. Hi Himani,
    Thank you for sharing your findings about Leonardo da Vinci. It is fascinating that people have found numbers and letters in Mona Lisa’s eyes. Is Vincenti an historian? Did your research explain what the letters/numbers meant? I hope you enjoyed the culture shock activity. 😀

  13. When my class talked and played a game of Leonardo Da Vinci’s method of writing backwards, that reminded me of last year. I did a project on Leonardo Da Vinci and learned he painted Mona Lisa’s picture. People discovered letters in her eyes. Mona Lisa’s left eye contains the letters LV. Leonardo also painted 72 or L2, another possible clue, Vincenti said. “It is very difficult to make them out clearly, but they appear to be the letters CE, or it could be the letter B,” Vincenti added. That’s some I know or knew.

  14. Hi Brennan, The vodpod widget in the top left side bar has all of our videos. Use the left and right arrow to find it.

  15. Ms. D, I was wondering where I can find the video of the lion king with a different soundtrack we viewed in class today?

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