We began our study of the AGE OF EXPLORATION by examining PuSh/PuLL Factors (Ms. D note: Thank you Robert for recognizing the soccer ball. :D)  Student teams analyzed evidence from a mystery bag to determine the motivating factors of exploration.

Geographic obstacles of exploration became clear when student teams started their 3D Map Activity last Friday. Tomorrow, we will construct our 3D maps – don’t forget to bring in your 3D glasses. 🙂
Tell us what you learned about your explorer from the maps.
Make a connection to modern day.
Do WE need an explorer for today?  What are OUR PuSH/PuLL Factors?
What areas remain unknown?

14 thoughts on “GoD GLoRY & GoLD

  1. Hi Bianca, Which way will help you learn? Bullets are ok as long as you understand the concept. It’s great that you are studying early. 🙂

  2. For the flash cards 2.0, should they be in complete sentences or listed? There’s the side for the information and I’m not quiet sure if it has to be listed, writen out, or is doesnt matter one. So if you can get back to me when ever you get a chance. Thank you.

  3. Ms. D, I was just making sure, when I make a quiz for the study guide it saves automatically when I’m done right? Can I edit it later if I wanted to because I am not going to finish tonight. Also, I found a really good video that relates to everything we’ve been learning in class. I’m putting it in my quiz, but I was wondering if I could post it here. It contains some of the pictures we looked at too. I was wondering how I could post it on here. Thank you.

  4. The disease in which Cortes referenced was the disease of greed. The statement “A disease only gold can cure” reminds me of Oliver Warbucks from the Broadway musical “Annie.” Throughout the show, Oliver expresses numerous times that all he wants in life is wealth, power, and capitalism. This kind of greed is very similar to the greed in which Cortes and the Spanish Conquistadors expressed. The link provided shows the extent of Warbucks’ wealth.

  5. I was flipping through channels today and i came across this show called DOGS 101. and they were talking about the breed the pomeranian. so they were talking about the history of the pomeranian and all of a sudden they said that the pomeranian was along side michael angelo when he was painting the sisteen chaple! i never knew that!

  6. I made a connection on here that when they said that Coronado was searching for the seven cities of cibola to find gold and jewels ( which didn’t exist), it made me think of Atlantis because people said it had treasure and there but it never existed ( it could have) but there is no evidence so it is a myth for now just like the seven cities of cibola.

  7. I made a pop culture connection. In this packet they talk about someone named Leigh Ferickson. And on spongebob a while back when i was watching it, they made up a holiday called Leigh Ferickson day. Now i realize that instead of celebrating columbus day in spongebob they took a spin off of it and made it “Leigh Ferickson Day”

  8. I wanted to post about the PA RENN. fair. Its a place were you can watc, dressup, and do activities about the Renaissance time. AT the end of the day they show a jousting festival. It is fun and i always have a good time when I go!

  9. Hi Brennan, On the slideshare widget click download and enter your email address. If you have additional issues we have a packet for you in class.

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