Watch Civic Virtue G R O W…

It started with a T E A C H ER

Who assigned extra credit…

Think of a way to C H A N G E the world & put it into A C T I O N.

An 11 year old created a strategy to CHANGE THE WORLD.

Did he succeed?

What was Trevor’s strategy?

How will your PSA “change the world?”

Did the PSAs from last year’s 8th grade change how you think?

Which PSAs persuaded you to take positive action?

10 thoughts on “Watch Civic Virtue G R O W…

  1. Hi Ms. D I had a question aboutwhat we learned in class.
    Did the French, Spanish, British come over tk the new world. And did they take over the new world?

  2. Is it okay if my pictures for water pollution are not on the blog. I could not find what I wanted on the resource sites.

  3. I do not know if 8Yellow can handle the changes coming to:

    Thank you Ms. D, come check it out! Almost finished!

    -Mr. Z
    Math Rules.

  4. Hi Brandon,
    Review the post, “Hey! Hey! Let’s Make a PSA” and the lessons from Friday and today. We practiced how to complete the storyboard using a student model.

  5. Ms. D,
    I had a pop culture connection in class and i dont know where to post it. I had a connection to “The Black Death.” It’s a movie that came out sometime in the past months and it’s about the bubonic plague and how one village wasn’t getting sick due to witchcraft and dark magic.


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