I WaS LeFt BeHiND…& SHe NeVeR LooKed BaCk

Gabby’s PSA on horse slaughter was overwhelmingly emotional. She used her research to create a story from the horse’s Point of View (POV). Please review the PSA below and let us know what you think.

Did Gabby’s PSA persuade you to take action?

What made this PSA effective?

What emotion did Gabby want the audience to feel?

Gabby’s selected ‘Wild Horse’s by Natasha Bedingfield.  I inserted the youtube video with the song.  Let us know if it doesn’t play.

60 thoughts on “I WaS LeFt BeHiND…& SHe NeVeR LooKed BaCk

  1. Hi Timmy,
    What is your topic? Gabby’s song was Wild Horses by Natatsha Bedingfield. You have to find a song that will fit your topic.
    Hi Grant,
    No problem. Billy could show you if you are interested in the future.
    Hi Robert,
    I’ll check it today.
    Hi Lindsay,
    Yes. Be sure to follow the directions.
    Bad Rap is the non profit that fostered the Vicktory dogs. They are wonderful!
    Hi Leah,
    Yes. That sounds OK.
    Hi Emily,
    Click File, UPLOAD. Make sure it is saved on your computer.
    Hi Courtney,
    I will check it today.

  2. Hi Ms.D,

    I was wondering what the song was that she used for her PSA. I was also wondering if I could use it for my PSA also.

  3. Hi Sydney,
    Do you have the wiki handout? If yes, upload to our wiki. If not, I will give it to you tomorrow and I will give you feedback. It’s great that you are working on it a week before it’s due. 🙂

  4. Hi Ms. DiGangi,
    I am almost done with my PSA and I wanted to know if you could see my PSA to notify me on what I can improve on. Is that okay? Thanks!

  5. Hi Marisa,
    That is OK. You have permission to make it longer. I know you will do an outstanding job because you are very passionate about your cause. Gabby’s facts were implied without her poem from the horse’s point of view.

    Hi Dani,
    Students have been posting song suggestions for one another. Check out previous comments and ask peers in class. Many students in 8Y are music savvy and can help.

  6. I’ve been working on my PSA since it was assigned,and I’m putting my poem that I wrote for it first,and then adding facts at the end.It will most likely be somewhat longer than 60 seconds,and in the same kind of format that Gabby used,with her poem being first.Is that okay,or should I start over completely?

    Thanks again!

  7. ms.d,
    For my Psa i am doing dog fighting do you have any song suggestions? Let me know, thanks!

  8. hey ms d I liked how you loved my pop culture connection if you want to watch it the episode is called “Lost Verizon”

  9. Hello Ms. Dagangi looking at agenda book and our c period class did not get the hw

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