He That Will Not Work Shall Not Eat

The 1st English Settlement of Jamestown

After the Lost Colony of Roanoke, the English did not give up on the New World. Raw materials, trade, silver, gold, and spreading their faith motivated them to persist through many obstacles. Jamestown, founded in 1607, was the first permanent English settlement in the New World.  Life was not easy for the settlers. In fact, many people lost their lives to disease and starvation.  Native American society was negatively impacted by English encroachment onto their lands.  Hostile relations soon erupted. Let’s not forget that slavery in the colonies started in Jamestown. We hope to take a bird’s eye view and look at multiple sides of the story (POV).

We laughed…

When Tim,C pd, shared his interactive response to the prompt: Name a Deli Sandwich about the Starving Time in Jamestown during the winter of 1609-1610.  His deli sandwich was “You Are What You Eat on Rye.”  Do you know why?

Our interactive responses help us to learn and apply the content by “making it stick.”

What were some of your favorite interactive responses?  Leave us a comment.

12 thoughts on “He That Will Not Work Shall Not Eat

  1. Ms. D

    Can I email you my powerpoint?
    Can you tell me cool need to improve feedback?
    Can you look at my powerpoint and know how to start the sound before you show class?
    I had to click the url sound on the right bottom of the 1st sceen.

    Thank you

  2. The missing colony of Roanoke also remixes
    Me of at Easter time my grandma hides the eastereggs and gives us clues on how to find them. In class we had the CSI which made me have a connection using my life to the era we are learning about in class.

  3. Hi Jack,
    This demonstrates resourcefulness! I am sure that you are helping several students by posting this mini-tutorial. 😀 I also like your idea of numbering and cutting out the event cards. Chronological thinking is an invaluable skill. Was the game easy for you? How do you think you did on this portion of the test?

  4. If anyone still needs to get music in their psa I just used my Guitar hero micro phone which plugged into the USB port. Under insert, sound, I chose record sound; the song recorded when I played it on my nook and put it next to the microphone.

  5. Maybe next time we do cause an effect cards we could number them on the back and cut them out that way it helps us study. When I was practicing proccessional thinking I cut the cards out and folded back the ears to hide the numbers it helped immensly.

  6. Around my neighborhood our street names are revolved around the colonist era we are learning about in class.

  7. Earlier today my dad told me to take the trash out and I told him I would do it later and he said if i didn’t I would not eat.

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