iF aT FiRST You DoN’T SuCCeeD…


The Lost Colony of Roanoke

Investigations take time.  Locating and analyzing evidence are key.  Students investigated one of History’s Mysteries.  They had multiple steps that led them to draw a conclusion about what happened to the Lost Colony of Roanoke.

The steps:

1. examine evidence

2. Plot the evidence on a map

3. Categorize the evidence into 3 possible conclusions

4. Write an open-ended response

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What do you think happened to the Lost Colony?

One thought on “iF aT FiRST You DoN’T SuCCeeD…

  1. I wanted to make a connection, too when i went to salem, Ma. about the guy who was pressed to death. They told us that his last owrds before he had died were “MORE ROCKS”! Also, when I went to salem there was a grave with everyone who had died and all of the witches families. And they had these stones of all the people who died and you could put anything you could to pay your respects.

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