HeY! HeY! LeT’S WoRK oN YouR PSA!

PSAs are due next Tuesday, March 29th.

Let’s recap our progress:

  • Almost 4 weeks has passed since our lesson, “Hey! Hey! Let’s Make a PSA!”  Classes watched several professional PSAs about global, national, and local social issues including a class favorite, Dad Cheerleader.
  • Whole classes interpreted and analyzed PSAs using the “PSA Practice Handout.”
  • Teams of 2 students interpreted and analyzed PSAs using the “PSA Practice Handout”
  • We reviewed the CRITERIA for the project using the ActivBoard.  See handout, “Hey, Hey, Let’s Make a PSA.”
  • Students analyzed the use of TEXT, IMAGES, AUDIO, and EMOTIONAL APPEAL by a student in several student sample PSAs.  Please refer to the blog for student samples.
  • Students as a whole class and in teams practiced creating a PSA Storyboard using the STUDENT Sample.
  • Students accessed their Research (already completed in December, HUZZAH!) to create their Storyboards.
  • Students were assigned the “WORDS COLUMN” of the PSA Storyboard for homework and received feedback.
  • Students were assigned the “IMAGES COLUMN” of the PSA Storyboard for homework & received feedback.
  • Students shared their storyboards with their peers and/or conferred with the Teachers.

Students may upload their PSAs to our class wiki.  Please see below for the instructions. 😀 We know you will do well if you Strive for Accuracy & FOLLOW THE PSA DIRECTIONS, Apply Past Knowledge, and Persist.

For students that are struggling or need extra help please refer to the TEMPLATE below.

77 thoughts on “HeY! HeY! LeT’S WoRK oN YouR PSA!

  1. Ms DiGangi,
    My PSA topic is Kentucky Fried Cruelty. I have been boycotting several years now, and “forced” my family to do so to. My Dad, taughting me as he does, drove past a nearby KFC and said, “Why not KFC for dinner?” But, my family soon noticed that this particular KFC had been shut down! I felt like i had contributed to the shut down of this and a near-by KFC that had also shut down. Working on this PSA has certainly impacted me, and hopely will impact this country further, by eliminating KFC “resturants” for good.

  2. Ms. D

    Did you see the audio?
    I tried to email the ppt. myself and my grandpa was busy then in class I found out that the real email didn’t get send. I tried again
    Thank you!

  3. After we watch all the PSA’s we should put the nominations on the blog to show other people in the world to make a difference too.

  4. Out of the PSA’s we saw today they were very powerful and strong. I feel like I need to go out there and make a difference in the world. The audio and imagery really made a difference I these PSA’s. I can’t wait until we get to watch more tomorrow!

  5. Ms. DiGangi,
    I have a question. today i stayed in for my psa, i’m sure you know, and i was wondering about my music and you being able to accsess it when i am presenting. can you get to it? let me know if you can or not because i posted a link of my song on my sources page. it should work.. thanks for reading.

  6. Hi Emily,
    Members are able to upload to the wiki unless your file exceeds 10MB. The wiki will notify you if that is the case. You may also email it to me.

  7. Hey Ms. D,
    I know it’s Thursday, but since I haven’t presented yet, I checked my psa to make sure i didn’t miss anything that needed to be tweeked. I realized by mistake I accidentally uploaded the wrong project onto the wiki (the one without slide transitions) by mistake. I tried to upload the correct one, but it won’t let me. I’m really sorry about this and I knew i should have double checked earleir, but is there any way i could upload the right one? It isn’t a huge problem, but then somebody would have to change the slides.

  8. Ms DiGangi,
    Is 2 and a half minutes good enough for my psa. I was able to cut a minute out of it and there really is nothing else I can eliminate.

  9. I have been trying to upload on the wiki for several days yet i have made minor edits each day and i am finally done. I am registered with bkind2animals yet my file is too big, and after i tried sending it to you via email it turns out my file is too big on there also..no i have no clue how to upload. I could put it on youtube?

  10. Hi again Ms. D! If you have any feedback about my PSA, I would really appreciate it! Thanks.

  11. Ms.Digangi, mine is Keynote and it is 20 slides. I still have the flash drive but I’m not sure if the music would still work because I played it in the background and recorded it. If you want, I could bring in my Mac or just the flashdrive.

  12. Chris, How long is your ppt? As a back up, do you still have the flash drive? No need to respond tonight. Have a good night.

  13. Hi Melanie,
    Unfortunately, I was in IEP meetings all day. I checked the members and you aren’t on the list. Did you follow the directions from the wiki handout? You may have registered with wiki but did not click REQUEST membership on our wiki. We can fix this tomorrow in class. I received a couple emails without names. What is your topic? No need to respond tonight. See me tomorrow in homeroom. Have a good night.

  14. Earlier, I posted about how you didn’t confirm my Wiki account. I never heard back from you so I sent my PSA to you’re email. I was wondering if there was a way to confirm that you got it?

  15. Ms. Digangi, my PSA wouldn’t upload to the wiki because it was too big. I’m trying to e-mail it to you, but if that doesn’t work, what should I do?

  16. Hi Bianca,
    Did you sign in correctly? Click on A pd PSAs in the left side bar and click EDIT in the top right. Follow the tutorial. The Raft and Home pages are protected.

  17. The Wiki is not letting me upload. I think you didn’t accept it yet because it saids that I do not have permission to edit the page.

  18. Ms. DiGangi,
    I sent you an email containing my PSA and I just wanted to make sure it arrived in your inbox. Thanks again!

  19. Hi Alyssa,
    You are correct. Recorded sounds do transfer. Your PSA and music work. It’s great that you are striving for accuracy! 🙂

  20. Hi Ms D,
    I uploaded my PSA to the wiki and I don’t know if the sound transferred over. it’s a PowerPoint and I heard you tell some students that if you recorded your audio on a PowerPoint it would transfer over. How do I know if my audio transferred over? And if it didn’t how to I upload it?

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