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  1. Ms. D

    Can you tell me cool feedback on the blog after looking at my pptx. in your email.

    Thank you

  2. Hi Timmy,
    I approved your request as soon as I got the email. It is great that you had a back up plan and a friend to count on.

  3. Tyler Schuele is uploading my psa for me because my membership isnt getting permission. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  4. I’m going to upload the powerpoint and than the sound seperately. Will that work?

  5. Hi Julia,
    Err on the side of caution and upload the music file too.
    Hi Arden,
    That should work.

  6. Hi Ms. D
    I was wondering if you could notify me when you received my obesity psa and my music.

  7. Hi Ms. D,
    I successfully uploaded my PSA to the wiki, and when I clicked on it, it played correctly with the music. Do I still need to upload the music file or is it fine the way it is? Thanks!

  8. Ms D,
    Thank you! I was able to put the song in the powerpoint but when I uploaded it to the wiki, the sound was not playing. I uploaded the song from my computer and I will also upload the link to the song on youtube.

  9. Timmy, The tutorial with pictures is on the blog post, “How to Insert Tunes.” Click on the links and you will see directions and pictures.

  10. Hi Ms. D,
    Can you repeat the process of adding sound to the psa that you explained to jesse and I at the end of the day?

  11. Ms D,
    I have been trying to add a song to my PSA for the past few days, and nothing seems to be working. I followed this tutorial but my computer will not allow me to add audio files to the powerpoint. I also tried recording the song but the computer picked up so much background noise that I am unable to hear the song. I was wondering if I would be able to upload the link to the song on youtube on the wiki, and play it as I present the powerpoint.
    Thank you!

  12. Timmy, In itunes library click on the song, click ADAVANCED on the toolbar, click CREATE MP3 and then follow the tutorial. Copy and Paste your youtube link on the wiki as a backup.

  13. Yes, I tried to insert itunes into my power point. Unfortunitly it won’t work… so instead, is it possible for me to just bring up youtube before I present my project?

  14. Hi Timmy, Did you read and follow the tutorials on how to insert audio? They’re on the blog post, How To Insert Tunes. Youtube is a back up option only.

  15. Ms. D

    I have been trying to put a song on my PSA. It’s not letting me do it. I was wondering if i could use youtube instead of haveing a song on the PSA.

  16. Hi Dani, Yes. I was notified via email that you uploaded your file. Thanks for helping Mel! This is what the blog is for. 🙂

  17. Ms.D,
    Is my PSA uploaded to the wiki right?

    And Mel,
    If you are using powerpoint then double click the media number then hit stop playing ant then click your last slide number. Chat me or text me if you need anymore help.

  18. Hi Mel, Hmmm…A MAC is very media friendly…It may still be the Mic settings. Go To APPLE on tool bar, click SYSTEM PREFERENCES, Click SOUND, Click INPUT, Click INTERNAL MICROPHONE, Click USE AMBIENT NOISE REDUCTION. Let me know if this helps. Otherwise, upload your song file to the wiki or see me in homeroom and we can solve this issue quickly. 🙂

  19. Hi Danielle, Sounds good to me. Could you tell me what your INSERT options are and then I can help in the future.

  20. i have a newer version of power point and i’m having trouble getting the music to play through all the slides, since i dont have the same buttons as in your directions. do you have any suggestions? all i can think of is if i upload the sound file to the wiki that you can play the sound then play the powerpoint at the same time?

  21. well, I have a MAC laptop which I’m using for my project. The options INSERT gives me arenew lside, duplicate slide, slides from, section, comment, textbox, wordart, header&footer, date&time, slide number, table, chart,spartART graphic, photo, audio, movie, clipart, symbol, shape, and object.
    We also just got the MAC so I’m unsure how to get to the control panel..

  22. Melanie,
    What options does INSERT give you?
    Where is your song located? file, youtube, etc?
    The static usually occurs on PCs because most are not media friendly. Go to Control Panel and click on Mic. Check your mic settings and let me know what they are set to…sometimes tweaking the mic settings helps.

  23. On my powerpoint when I click insert, it doesn’t give me the same option that the example does. I clicked on the “record audio” option to record my song. When I read comments from other students, it seemed Timmy and I were having similar problems because mine also sounds with a lot of static.

  24. I read through it and that is how I did it the first time. When I played my slideshow, the music would stop midway through the slideshow. I’ve re-done it about three times and it stopped midway all three times. I’m going to try again, if it doesn’t work, what should I do for my audio?

  25. Hi Melanie,
    Did you read the tutorial on how to insert an mp4 or add background music? It is a quick process. Let me know how it goes.

  26. Hi Jesse, See me tomorrow in homeroom and we will walk through the process. Will take a minute or two.

  27. Hi Andrew,
    In your iTunes library, go to the Tool Bar, click ADVANCED, click create MP3 version. Presto! Then follow the tutorial.

  28. Hey Ms. D! I’ve been working on my PSA and when I try to upload my music, it will stop in the middle of my PSA. I will play through the slideshow to make sure everything is perfect but the music will stop halfway through and I don’t know how to fix it. I was wondering if you would be able to help me, thanks!

  29. Ms D,
    I’m trying to insert sound into my psa and it’s not working. I’ve tried recording but the sound is extremely unclear and it sounds awful, and I tried to get the sound from a file (following your instructions on the tutorial) but it’s not making a sound. Is there another way to do it that will work for me?

  30. Hi Ms.D,
    Today (March 28th) is my birthday and I had family plans after school at 3:00. So tomorrow could i come in to upload my PSA to wth wiki and add my music?

  31. Ms. D
    Could I make my presentation longer than a minute and thirdy seconds because I am very pssionate about my topic

  32. Hi Ms. D
    I was looking on the aspca website when i came across this good website about the micheal vick dog’s and there was a slide show but it won’t let me play on my computer and i tried saving it into one of my documents and it still wouldn’t work, here is the website http://www.badrap.org/rescue/vick/evaluations.html it is from your blog could u figure out how to play the slideshow or put it on ur blog because it is not working on my computer and i want to use some of the pictures because i think they will be good

  33. Hi Ms. D!
    You had mentioned to the class that Nicky posted about how to convert to the mp4. I’m looking for that post. Can you tell me where that is? Thanks!

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