Many students have posted pop culture connections and requested that I add them to a Blog Post. Mr. Ryan and D period enjoyed viewing and discussing the connections. We hope you enjoy them! 😀
Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that we are sharing our students’ connections to history. Several video clips are parodies of real events and many use stereotypes to depict the irony of people’s words and deeds and events in time.

Check them out and respond to the following questions for extra credit:
How does this connect to what we are learning?
Andrew from D pd posted a Pop Culture Connection to the Salem Witch Trials.
How does the video represent the evidence used in the 1692 Salem Witch Trials?

Grey posted a Pop Culture Connection to the middle passage.
Leave a comment letting us know how the video uses humor to address the atrocities of the middle passage.

Drew from L pd chose the BP Oil Spill as his Service Learning topic and shared a video Pop Culture Connection. Click here to watch. Leave a comment explaining how the video demonstrates the massive environmental and economic devastation that resulted from the BP Oil Spill.

Grant also posted a pop culture connection, “an episode of family guy a reporter named Tricia Takanawa is reporting a hurricane. She is just about to say what is going on when she gets hit by a flying car! This really shows how dangerous reporting is.” Ms. D note: This is also an example of stereotyping. Leave a comment and tell us why.

15 thoughts on “PoP CuLTuRe PoiNTS

  1. Hi Ms. D,
    I was watching Hetalia, a Japanese anime where every country is a person. I came across and scene where America was going through his storage room and started bringing back memories of him and England. In that scene he found a rifle and it brought back memories of The American Revolution. Heres a link to the clips, It have music behind it but you can hear what they are saying.

  2. I was on cnn.com and i watched a video about a son watching his dad doing the right thing and i remember we watched a PSA that was about how parents reflect on the kids. I saw the video and the son was very pleased to be with his father again

  3. Hi Drew,
    Thanks for the pop culture connection to the Simpsons. Does the president make laws? Did you mean to refer to the states having rights to regulate gun ownership?

  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xIpLd0WQKCY
    Homer tries to buy a gin but can’t because of the law stating that they have to do a background check. This relates to one of the ammendmants that people have a right to buy guns, but the presidant can make laws about how strict these laws can be.

  5. Hi Colin, The HW was only questions 1-11. We will complete the Venn Diagram tomorrow in class.

  6. Hey Ms. D.,
    I was doing my homework earlier and I got to the last question, and, I could not remember who Shirin Ebadi is. I looked through our previous notes and did not see him/her anywhere.

  7. This video shows how risky it is to be a reporter. Like how Danny Pearl was kidnapped, held hostage, and killed over in Pakistan. Journalists put their lives on the line every day to find out the truth.

  8. I said Thor was part of civic virtue because he stood up for what he believed in. His dad told him not to go to the other side of the relm and he did anyway he wanted war.

  9. I remember watching a PSA about KFC cruelty. I have noticed that a couple of local KFC’s have been closing down do to bankruptcy. Could this be a form of boycotting? It is possible that people have finally found out that KFC treats chickens horribly and do not go to eat there anymore. http://www.flickr.com/photos/42444189@N04/5649689119/

  10. Last week I was flipping through channels and “The Last of the Mohicans was on” I watched the scene that we watched in class where they did rank and file and guerilla warfare.

  11. I thought this lesson was humorous, and the Simpsons video demonstrated that false accusations were made against women accused of performing “witch craft” and how others were “possessed” because of it.

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