And the 2011 PSA Nominees Are…

The Oscars
The Oscars


Best PSA: Joe, Leah, Brennan
Best Voiceover: Morgan, Sam
Most Powerful Images: Ben, Dannie D., Dani C
Best Take Action: Marisa, Brennan, Chris
Best Emotional Appeal: Leah, Marisa, Mel
Best Soundtrack: Brennan, Marisa, Lexi
Best Outside the Box: Leah, Joe, Marisa
Most Educational: Leah, Tricia, Brennan


Best PSA: Nicole, Austin, Jack
Best Voiceover: Dan, Taylor
Most Powerful Images: Nick, Jack, Nicole
Best Take Action: Jack, Nicole, Katie J.
Best Emotional Appeal: Katie J., Tia, Nicole
Best Soundtrack: Keenan, Tim C., Nick
Best Outside the Box: Joe, Tim M., Keenan
Most Educational: Nicole, Tia, Katie J.


Best PSA: Billy, Raehan, Maria
Best Voiceover: Sammie
Most Powerful Images: Jillian, Tyler, Raehan
Best Take Action: Nicky, Maria, Jesse
Best Emotional Appeal: Raehan, Tyler, Grant
Best Soundtrack: Jesse, Billy, Phil
Best Outside the Box: Danielle, Alyssa, Raehan
Most Educational: Alyssa, Tyler, Grey


Best PSA: Juliana, Sam, Cassidy
Best Voiceover: Kyle, Sam
Most Powerful Images: Drew, Juliana, Cassidy
Best Take Action: Emily, Drew
Best Emotional Appeal: Sam, Drew, Katie
Best Soundtrack: Cassidy, Allie, Mike
Best Outside the Box: Sam, Juliana, Allie
Most Educational: Dino, Juliana, Sam


Best PSA: Lindsay, Sabrina, & Rachel
Best Voiceover: Rachel, Nick, Robert
Most Powerful Images: Sabrina, Nick, Nikki
Best Take Action: Connor, Anna, Tyler
Best Emotional Appeal: Lindsay, Sabrina, Robert
Best Soundtrack: Bryan, Julia, Ben
Best Outside the Box: Lindsay, Neil, Jake
Most Educational: Anna, Lindsay, Neil

Congratulations Nominees! The Awards ceremony is scheduled for after the NJ ASK. DOG’OSCARS & Bleu Bucks extra credit will be distributed to the winners.

13 thoughts on “And the 2011 PSA Nominees Are…

  1. Hi Jack,
    Thank you for sharing the link. I also like that you are reflecting on the myths that are taught as facts. 🙂 Huzzah! Were you making a connection to Thomas Paine or Patrick Henry?

  2. Brennan, What was the Boston Tea Party? How do you think the two events are related? Could they have occurred on the same day?

  3. I would like to congratulate the award winners for doing such a great job on their PSA’s. After watching them, I understand more information about the occurring problems that is happening in our world. You all put forth your best effort and made sure your PSA was the best it can be. Keep up the good work ! Great job(:

  4. Ms. D, I was reading the close the gaps to study and came across something that said the colonists met in Boston to protest the Tea Act on December 16th, 1763, but I thought that was about the Boston Tea Party, whci hwas on December 16th, 1773. Is this a type-o or am I missing something?

  5. I was watching the history channeled where it talked about a stealth bomber plane recovered from the Nazi’s in WW2. The plane was way before its time, structured similar to the black bird to with stand radar or fly less detected. I thought it was interesting the this was possible, it was like how the pyramids were built way before its time or the futuristic ideas of Jules Verne about the unknow advancement in technology.

  6. Like how Patrick Henry used words to fight his battles so do the characters in the Inkheart trilogy. The 70th chapter in the 2nd book is titled the pen and the sword because by using words and the main character’s voice they can do anything. For example getting the evil King to let them go.

  7. Ms.D, is there going to end up being more than one winner per category?

  8. In my opinion, I think that everyone did an excellent job on their PSAs. In C period, it seemed that everyone put in a lot of effort and gave it their best try. Yes it was a somewhat stressful project, but I was really glad to see the hardwork pay off for everyone.

  9. Those that participated in the Boston Tea party dressed up as native americans to symbolize freedom (said in chester comment) but weren’t they part of those who took native land and therefore took part of native freedom.

  10. Why are there so many misconceptions in our current unit. For example the picture of the Boston Massacre displayed a more bloody event than what happened. Also when Paul Revere said The Redcoat are coming the phrse became famous as The British are coming

  11. I think everyone in a period did amazing ! I wish we could see all the other class’s too. Thanks whoever voted for me ! And congrats to everyone who got nominated (:

  12. I just wanted to congratulate everyone for all the hard work they put forth in this project. All topics helped me understand problems occuring everyday in more detail. I think everyone deserves a prize of some sort for all the effort put into these PSAs. I only saw my classes PSA, but I’m sure everyone else did as good as a job as the ones I viewed. Congrats everyone and congrats to the nominees!

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