30 thoughts on “The American Revolution 1775-1783

  1. Hi Ms.Digangi what did we have to read on the blog to do the rest of our Cyoas?

  2. I was watching family guy and it was about how Peter went to court and he kept saying stuff and he kept getting longer time in prison and the first thing he did was sneeze.

  3. Okay,I will add pictures then.I think it will help not only myself,but anyone else who takes my quiz,understand better,like you had mentioned.

    Thanks again!

  4. Marisa, You are doing well! Media (pictures, music, video) helps you and your audience learn. In the past students add media to some of the slides. It is up to you and not mandatory. Do what will help you understand the information.

  5. Tricia, As we discussed today, we will finish the timeline tomorrow. Some of the events are also in the Chester comix.

  6. Hi Skylar, Use my email address for the username. I can’t post it here but it is on our school website. Sorry!

  7. Hey Ms.DiGangi!

    I’m sorry this first part is a little late,but I’m glad I could help Leah while she was absent one day last week.Being able to help my classmates is something I strive to do,and am glad I could this time!

    Also,I just created 18 out of 27 questions on my American Revolution quiz.Do I need to have media on the slides,or is that just a possible enhancement?

    Thanks again!

  8. Ms.DiGangi,
    I was wondering if we finished the timeline on the foldable. I was looking over the study guide for the CYOA, and noticed there were a few events we didn’t cover. So if I somehow missed something I was going to catch up.
    Thanks, Tricia

  9. on august 15 , 1780 the day of my birthday ”swamp fox” or francis marion routs the loyalists while gatse men fall ill……

  10. I was searching the conch to find Timerime to start my CYOA, and i got to it. The problem is, when i got to the login page, it asked for a email instead of a username. I tryed typing in the one Ms. DiGangi gave our class, theconchstudents for both, and it said it was incorrect. Did i copy the wrong info?

  11. LeBron James had went from Cleveland to Miami and the coach of Cleveland sees him as a tratior. Since the coach owns the “fat head” companie he sells the LeBron James poster for 17.41 dollars, the year Benedict Arnold was born. He is losing 82.58 dollars per. to make a point.

  12. On the show Viva La Bam, Bam launches his uncles watch out of a cannon. Bam goes to look for it and in the process Bam comes across a cannon ball. Bam takes the cannon ball to an antique shop. The shop owner verifies that it is a real cannon ball used in the Battle of Brandywine.

  13. Hi Leah, Stop at John Paul Jones. You may also use the top box #4 for people. We hope you are feeling well.

  14. In the movie Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Ace calls the guard of Ron Camp’s home van Steuben and asks him for permission. Today we learned how van Steuben was a Prussian leader of the Patriots.

  15. Hi Ms.DiGangi!

    I was absent from school today and I was wondering if you could tell me how far A pd has gotten in the foldable. I am so glad Marisa did this the other day so I knew I could also ask for what we did in class. Thankyou!

  16. In south park, cartman dresses up as Hitler for Halloween to give a speech about jewish kids. Eventually, the principle sees the costume and sends him to her office. she then shows him a video of who hitler really is. This was like how in the one court case (i forget what it was) where the girl and her friends had to remove their bands because it was an improper abuse of Freedom of speech. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JRxAcbRxoY8&feature=related

  17. Thanks Ms. DiGangi for posting this on the blog because I was hoping that I wouldn’t be behind everyone else in class. This really helped catch me up.

  18. Marisa,
    Today in A period we got to the second person. We didn’t pass Martha Washington, we made her picture though.

  19. Hi Marisa, I was out today and a little unsure…but don’t go past the first 3 people on the slideshow. People start on the left of the bottom boxes.

  20. Hey Ms.DiGangi!

    I was absent today,and am utilizing this post to catch up on what I missed for the foldable.How far did A period get,just so I don’t do too much?


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