Use the Study Guide to create your selected CYOA STudy TooL!

Chester Comix is a great way to review! Use the handout to guide you through many battles while analyzing people’s words & deeds.


20 thoughts on “CYOA: AMeRicaN ReVoLuTioN

  1. Hi Ms D,
    Yesterday, my family went to see the new pirates of the carribean movie. And when Jack Sparrow gets caught by the RED COATS, he has to go to KING GEORGE III to recieve the punishment. I just wanted to share that with everyone.

  2. Hi Rachel, It sounds like you are a visual learner! Will you continue to use ideas from our CYOA to help you in HS? I will post our lesson from today soon. Stay tuned. 🙂

  3. Ms.Digangi what did i miss today? I also found that my Cyoa helped me prepare for the test. It helped because drawing pictures helps me remember what we learned that is also how i found the foldable helful.

  4. Ben,
    If you’re using web browsers like Google Chrome, the flashcards won’t print for some odd reason. Try using Internet Explorer. I was in the same situation and tried Internet Explorer and it worked fine. Hope it helps 🙂

  5. I cant get flash cards 2.0 to print. Anyone have a solution to the problem?

  6. I had to switch to flash cards 2.0 a couple days ago and now i cant print it. I vaguely remember you telling me something about this problem but i can’t seem to remember the conversation. What should i do?

  7. I have been working on my CYOA since Tuesday i did each part everyday, Now i am on my last questions, 22-27 and i am confused on how the quote, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” relates to the American Revolution, would anyone be able to reference me to a page that we have gotten in class?


  8. When we watched the celebrity version of the Declaration of Independence I noticed that my favorite actor, Michael Douglas, was a member of the group reading it. Here is Michael Douglas playing the role of President Andrew Sheppard,and doing a pretty good job at it, in the movie “The American President.”

  9. Hey Ms. D! (again)

    I also found a Sesame Street cartoon of the Boston Tea Party. In the video, Kermit interviews someone who explains to him what him and Colonists are planning on doing. Turns out, he thought when the King said he was going to put tax on tea, he thought he meant everything that started with the letter “T”. Turns out, he was wrong. The video does get the right message across though.

  10. I thought that Jack’s quiz was very helpful and it’s a great review for the test tomorrow.

  11. Here is my quiz revolution…

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