Abolitionist Ambition

How did slavery and the slave trade end?
Share your CONNECTIONS between the British Abolitionist Movement and the American Abolitionist Movement. Use the following example to guide your responses.
Frederick Douglas’ words and deeds remind me of ….

The Amazing Grace Handout must be completed by Wednesday.
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4 thoughts on “Abolitionist Ambition

  1. I thought this movie, Amazing Grace was a great to choice to help the classes better understand the troubles of slavery. For me, it demonstrated that history certainly has been poisoned due to the first hand sights of seeing slavery’s effects in this movie. Again, I enjoyed this movie and it was very good at teaching how things used to be back in those days.

  2. Watching Amazing Grace really helped me to learn. It showed me how long it took for Wilburforce to free the slaves. I think it is easier when we watch movies because more students are watching and paying attention also we can see the emotion. We can see the nightmares Wilburforce was having and it really effected me knowing that my life is so much better.

  3. Ms. D,
    I remember we’re learning a little about Harriet Tubman. She was an escaped slave from the Underground Railroad. Also, Harriet helped other slaves to escape the Underground Railroad. She was beaten with sticks and she bled all over her body. She had a very rough childhood. I did a project in fourth grade during history month. My teacher assigned me “Harriet Tubman”. I learned many interesting facts that I still remember.
    P.S- I like the movie, “Amazing Grace”. I enjoyed this movie because I learned past presidents, many information about slavery, and other important facts.

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