How has society remained the same over time?

How has society changed over time?

In class we will time travel back to fifth grade.
How have you changed?
How have you remained the same?
Be specific.
Provide at least 3 CONCRETE examples on your T Chart.

After we watch a music video detailing the history of Rock n Roll, students will use their iPads to add to the Google Doc below by clicking on the link:

9 thoughts on “GoT CHaNGe?

  1. Hi Abbie,

    Thank you for your pop culture connection to our lesson on Change and Continuity! What part of the movie helped you to make the connection? Would you recommend the movie to your peers?

  2. Last weekend I watched a movie called “The Music Never Stopped.” When I had started the movie I had no idea what the topic of the movie was,after watching half of it I began to remember our lesson on the history of rock and roll! This movie was amazing, and it explained the history of rock and roll in a very interesting way!!!

  3. I really liked this lesson because music is like my life. Making connections to it really helps me concentrate better!!!!!!! See ya at school tomorrow Mrs. D!!!!

  4. Hey Ms. DiGangi!!

    I’m loving what you are doing. Today we are focusing on using concrete details to support and argument and back up a position on immigration.
    Miss you and MMS too much!

  5. We use the iPads in social studies to work and take notes on the Why History Maters packet! It is so fun!!

  6. Ms. D,

    Sorry my comment is not related to the post but I wanted to share with you a website;

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    Hope all is well.

    Mr. Z

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