13 thoughts on “Do We NeeD RuLeS & LaWS?

  1. Hi Abbie, They are on the October and Nov calendar. They will always be #1 on the daily agenda. Fact Find Foldable Warm Ups are always posted on the Calendar Daily Agenda.

  2. Hey Ms.D I was looking for the first three days of the fact find foldable and I could only find 1! What should I do about days 1and 3??

  3. I didn’t have a problem with the online review. Because I study and I remembered the answers to the review. The only thing I had a problem with was spelling conscience.:o

  4. I never knew that John Locke basically wrote most of the Declaration of Independence because he came up with the three natural rights. He came up with the ideas for most of it with the three natural rights life, liberty, and property. Thomas Jefferson rewrote one little thing and that was property with pursuit of happiness.

  5. Hi Bec,
    The first slide with RED writing (slide 15) has 4 items that belong under the Enlightenment Flap under CAUSES. Slide 18 goes under The Enlightenment Flap – EFFECTS. Slides 21-23 go under the NATURAL RIGHTS FLAP. Slide 24 goes under STATE OF NATURE FLAP and that’s it. I hope this helps.

  6. I think that we do need a government because without a government everything would be nothing but chaos. Our country could be invaded and anything could happen to us. The country provides us prtection from just about anything harmful. If anything, the government is very helpful and resourceful at times. I’d rather live in a country where there is a government so that I am protected at all times.

  7. I think we need a government because with otu one, there will be no rules and we would be a rule-free society. Without rules, we would be doing actions that are illegal today.

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