THe KeY To JoHN LoCKe + INTeRaCTiVe ReVieW

Today we completed the guided reading activity using the, “We the People,” text.  Please refer to the “Why do We Need a Government” slideshow for guided reading directions. 
Reading for Information is an important skill. How did you do with this activity? How will you improve next time? Strive for Accuracy and refer back to the reading below.

STRIVE FOR ACCURACY and check your responses below using the Answer Key. 


Take the mini-quiz below and check what you know.

76 thoughts on “THe KeY To JoHN LoCKe + INTeRaCTiVe ReVieW

  1. Hi Antony,
    Did you check the Livebinder? Everything for class is always there. It was great that you read my response to Morgan and submitted your completed work. 🙂

  2. Hi ms d I was wondering how to see the cards we used for homework I lost mine and you said Togo on here but I searched John Locke but I can’t find the cards. They are the ones linke when we drew arouse and the card was property. So what do I do.

  3. Hey Ms.D,
    In class today, we were talking about the dogs wearing the bullet proof vests and you wanted to know if the vests could also prevent knives to injure the dogs. Well, I looked on the internet and it said “A bulletproof vest may also stop knives and other dangerous weapons in film; however, in real life, bulletproof vests are ineffective against stabbing unless they are specially reinforced to protect from being penetrated by knives. This is because the point of a knife can slip between the weave of the fabric and cut it open.” So, I guess that it depends on how and where the knife goes into the vests. Hope I helped!

  4. The review quiz was very helpful to use to study.I had trouble with the first question.I couldn’t find it in my notes.I feel good about the rest of the questions.

  5. I don’t think it was that difficult. Most of the questions just happened to be on info that had stuck in my head this entire time. The last question confused me a bit, though.

  6. I think that I did good on the practice quiz. I think that the questions should be a little more challenging also. Looking over my notes really helped!!

  7. I think the hardest question was the mufasa’s ghost. I think this because it’s the only one I had to really think of instead of having it in notes already. Also, the one about mufasa’s being the leader what is this leadership representing I think it was. I found that a little challenging too.

  8. I feel like all the talks we have had and all the videos we watch helped us s lot. I learn that way because I remember that way. It helps me even at home to look for different shows that have the things we learned about on them. I never realized that tv had things we learned about in school. I also feel I will do good on the test !

  9. I did not really have trouble with any multiple choice questions. It was the ghost one that I had trouble with. You’re a great teacher Mrs. DiGangi!!!


  10. I think I did okay on the quiz. Some of the questions confused me like the last one about Mufasa. We did not take notes on what his spirit meant, so I was a little bit confused on that question.

  11. The quiz was very easy to do I think I got a good grade. For the upcoming quiz I should be set. All of the stuff is on the notes to study.

  12. I thought the quiz was pretty easy. I knew most of the answers but some I had trouble with. I think the questions should be more challenging.

  13. I think this quiz was super easy! All of the questions were simple. The questions of the future test will be a lot harder

  14. I thought the quiz was easy and I got an A. If you read over the packet and the foldable then you know that all the answers are in there if you needed it.

  15. I think I did pretty well on the practice quiz. The questions were easy for me to answer also. The videos really helped me understand the topic more.

  16. I thought the quiz was easy. Everything that was on this quiz was in the Natural Rights packet. This quiz gives me a better understanding of what to study.

  17. I think I got a 90. It was easy on parts but hard on others. It was a fair quiz. 🙂

  18. I think I did really well. I used my notes and what we learned in class. The questions we easy too. 🙂

  19. The hardest question was the one about mufasa’s ghost and what it symbolizes. I just used my best guess. Probably got it wrong though.

  20. I think I did really well on the test because I used my notes and I feel good about my answers

  21. I thought it was pretty easy beside the mufasa ghost question but I thought I did well. I think the video helped me out a lot because I remember it more since of the video.

  22. I think that I did pretty good! The first one was a little unclear… So was the ghost one… Other than that, it was easy… -M^++

  23. I think I did good on the quiz. It was very easy because of the notes and how many comments were posted. All of the multiple choice is so easy love this questions 🙂

  24. This was easy. The only thing that I had trouble with the last question. (Ms. D note: Please follow blogging guidelines and elaborate. Each comment should have at least 3 sentences.)

  25. I did not enjoy this quiz. Some questions confused me. I feel that maybe I should study a little more before I take another one. The best question to put on the test would be the third question in the quiz.

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