CHooSe YouR OWN aDVeNTuRe!

CYOAs are due on Monday. This will help you to APPLY KNOWLEDGE TO NEW SITUATIONS and acts as a great review prior to Tuesday’s QUIZ. The CYOA handout is below with examples. In addition, there are examples from our 2010-2011 students.




Which CYOA and topic will you choose?

What are your ideas?

How will this help you learn about Natural Rights philosophy?

We can’t wait to see your work & we will choose winners in each class to post on the blog!

10 thoughts on “CHooSe YouR OWN aDVeNTuRe!

  1. Hi Emma, What part of your notes are you focusing on? If you go back to the foldable or slideshow it will explain the causes of The Enlightenment. Would one of those examples help explain his view on natural rights? Don’t forget digital etiquette and strive for accuracy in comments by spell checking and using capitals.

  2. Ms. D,
    I decided to do the Davinci Drawing. My idea is to have John Locke think of different scenarios of what would happen without natural rights. I can not find information on where he would be and what year. What should i do?

  3. Hi Josh, Did you read the CYOA description for “Design a Superhero?” Follow those directions. Does your background go along with your superhero and the packet information? Don’t forget digital etiquette and strive for accuracy in comments.

  4. Do we need to describe the super heroes powers. Also, how many powers do we need for the super hero. Do I also have to color the background.

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  6. Ms D,

    If I could ask John Locke a question, it would be why did he go back on his original thoughts. Was it his greed and self-interest that made him become a part of slave trading? As to your other question, his actions don’t invalidate his theories, but they do make me question why he wrote the Carolina Constitution if he really believed in the three Natural Rights.

  7. Hi Katie,

    Researching John Locke demonstrates your commitment to fact-finding. Well done! Clearly, you actively used the HOM, Questioning. Your research left you with further questions. If you could, what questions would you ask Locke regarding his theories versus his practice of investing in the slave trade? Do his actions invalidate his theories?

  8. I am making a time traveling chat room for my CYOA. My paper shows a conversation between John Locke and Benjamin Franklin. While researching John Locke, I found out that he helped write the Carolina Constitution. This Constitution gave absolute power for someone to rule over the slaves. Also, John Locke was a major investor in Royal African Co., a Slave trading company. What does John Locke really believe in? The three Natural Rights, or Aristocracy?

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