LOTF & Lion King: State of Nature vs. Social Contract

We are comparing and contrasting the Lion King with Lord of the Flies while focusing on the following:
State of Nature, Natural Rights, Absolute Power, Consent, Conscience, Social Contract

As we continue our study of the Roots of our Republic,  view the clips again and use the HOM: Apply Past Knowledge to New Situations.
We viewed the scene from The Lion King that depicts Mufasa’s death.
Respond to the following question by leaving a comment or respond to a previous comment to get a discussion going.
How does this scene depict a state of nature?

What does Mufasa’s ghost symbolize? Explain. Be a fact-finder and use your NATURAL RIGHTS packet.

Watch the LOTF clips again and respond to the following:
Who does Piggy remind you of in Lion King?
Who does Jack remind you of in Lion King?
Are there additional characters that have similarities? differences?
***LOTF clips are located on the Vodpod Widget on the Left Sidebar.

Complete the Viewing Guide below while watching LOTF Scenes 1-6:

Read the discussion from the CLASS OF 2011 by clicking HERE!

7 thoughts on “LOTF & Lion King: State of Nature vs. Social Contract

  1. In this episode Spongebob Patric and squidward get lost in a Kelp Forest. They use a plastic conch to tell them what to do. Squidward decides not to listen to Spongebob and Patric and makes his own side of the area. This backfires when a cargo plane drops a load of picnic supplies with tons of food. This can be realeted to lord of the flies and how Jack doesnt listen to the rules and the conch just like Squidward

    (Ms. D note: Thank you for posting this pop culture connection. Please remember digital etiquette and strive for accuracy in commenting. Check your spelling and capitalization.)

  2. Why didnt the people just walk up the stairs. They need to be a little bit smarter when it comes to this kind of problem. When oescalators stop they become regular stairs (Ms. D note: Strive for accuracy by checking your spelling and punctuation.)

  3. I believe that Lord of the Flies was a true example of how a “democracy” can become a state of nature. Also I cannot believe that John Locke believed that everyone one was born with natural rights but he was an investor in the slave trade. Just like Simba it took Ralph a while to finally stick up for what he and piggy believed in (after simon’s and piggy’s death.)

  4. Hi Eva, I hope you are feeling better. The clips are on the vodpod widget on the Left Sidebar. Click on “Videos we like” and scroll through 1 or 2 pages. They are also on youtube under “Lord of the Flies 03.” See you soon.

  5. Hi I was absent for 2 days and I was wondering if you could post Lord of the Flies parts 2-4. Thanks ( :

  6. A connection to the Lord of the Flies is in a Spongebob episode Patrick and spongebob use the conch the find other people just like piggy and Ralph did.

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