Hey folks, This is a class challenge. The class that has the most posts on the Wallwisher below will earn a special raffle for their class only in addition to the tons of extra credit points!

Not sure how to make pop culture connections yet? Read the class of 2011’s posts below. They did a nice job!!!



10 thoughts on “CLaSS CHaLLeNGE

  1. I found a video from icarly representing Faulty Reasoning. It goes like this: Carly seems to like freddie. Freddie seems to like carly. Therefore Freddie and Carly are dating.

  2. Hi Sami,
    It is within this post. You should see a pink tab that says, “Post a Stickie.” Don’t forget to Strive for Accuracy in commenting. Check spelling, capitalization, and punctuation.

  3. MRS D,
    how do we get to wallwisher to post the pop culture points for the classs blog challenge

  4. Oops!! I posted the propaganda stuff on the wrong wall. It doesn’t really have that much to do with the roots of our republic. Sorry!!

  5. I think the LOTF is like a government. I think this because Ralph is the leader and tells everyone the rules and what they are supposed to do.

  6. I’m so excited for this challenge! (Ms D note: Don’t forget to follow the blogging guidelines. Each comment must be a minimum of 3 sentences. Tell the audience why you are excited.)

  7. Were gonna win!!!!!!!! #GoCpd!!!!!!!!! (Ms. D note: Strive for accuracy and follow digital etiquette. Each comment must be a minimum of 3 sentences. Tell your audience how you will win.)

  8. I know that we arenot talking about the french Revolution just yet but when we do if anyone wants a book to get a glimps of what it would be like to live then, theres a great book im constantly reading that would help. The title is The Pale Assassin. here’s the books website if your interested.
    (Ms. D note: Please follow blogging guidelines, check your spelling and capitalization.)

  9. Today in class we watched the part in Lord Of the Flies where simon gets killed by his friends. Ms.D made a remark about how in europe when its a big sporting event sometimes people get trampled because of mobs. this made me think; Europe isn’t the only place this has happened.just a few years ago a man working at walmart opened the doors on black friday all the people waiting trampled him. Sadily this man died. As we talked about in class this poor man’s Natural Rights were invaided and no one care. Infact a woman as she pasted him Just took a picture and kept walking. This has to send a signal. We should care for eachother. What those people did is very shameful and they should learn that without natural rights they could turn out like the poor man they trampled to death. (Ms. D note: Please follow blogging guidelines by checking your spelling, capitalization, and punctuation.)

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