8 thoughts on “LoRD oF THe FLieS GaMe

  1. I think it’s really cool that we have this game about lord of the flies. Some parts were tricky but it was fun watching everyone in class try to solve it and I enjoyed everybody’s reaction about the butterfly and banana. By the way, I love the animations and the people really look like the kids from lord of the flies. Just wondering, mrs. D do you know who made this game?

  2. The other day I played the Lord of the Flies game. I beat the game and when I was finished it told me that I knew a lot about the book, even though I never read the book. It was really fun and it teached me how authors pick their characters names.

  3. You know how the game wasn’t working in class today? Well, I tried it at home and some answers just would not register. Unfortunately, the game is very temperamental.

  4. Hi Harsh, Thanks for sharing your connection. It is quite humorous! What type of propaganda is at play in the commercial?

  5. Hey Ms.D I couldn’t find the post for what we did today in clas and this was the most recent post. I found this pepsi commercial that shows snoop dog endorsing pepsi max here it is

  6. Hi Veronica, Thanks for posting a comment abput the LOTF game. The butterfly and bananas were only “distractors” and not part of the symbols. Your class watched scenes 1-6, 8, and 9. There are 10 scenes total and they are located on the voppod widget if you are interested in watching the rest. What did you think of LOTF? Did it hep to clarify Natural Rights Philosophy?

  7. As i was listening to John Lennon he quoted ‘Life is what happens when your busy making other plans.I cant seem to figure out what it means.Can someone please help me out on this one. (Ms. D note: Please remember digital etiquette and strive for accuracy in commenting. Check your punctuation and capitalization.)

  8. I thought the test was pretty challenging. I have too admit I had trouble with it, I guess I need to see more of the movie to understand the game. Because I didnt understand thr banannas or the butterfly. But I thought the game was good enough for me to review my knowledge of the movie. Thanks Mrs. D!

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