24 thoughts on “PRoPaGaNDa: Becoming a healthy skeptic and informed citizen

  1. Hi Ms. D! You asked who won the election for Congress on Glee? Well, the results came out this week-Mr. Hummel won!

  2. Hi Ms. D! The result for the election hasn’t come out yet; I will post who wins as soon as I find out. I found another propaganda connection also. It is used in the Twilight series “New Moon”, by Taylor Lautner, who plays Jacob Black. He uses it to scare away Mike Newton, portrayed by Michael Welch. He says: ‘Feelin’ sick? Maybe you need to go to the hospital. You want me to put you in the hospital?’ Here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vuw-1v73u18&feature=player_detailpage

  3. Hi Haley, Thanks for sharing the Glee Pop Culture Connection! 🙂 What was the result of the election?

  4. On Glee the other night, the premise was that Sue was running for governor. She used Hidden Fear in her campaign speech. No one was going to run against her, but a concerned parent stepped up to the plate. Mr. Hummel, the parent, used the Plain Folks Appeal by saying that you could see him anytime at his gas station and talk, and also a little Hidden Fear for Sue’s insaneness. I tried to get the link, but for some reason YouTube took the video down.

  5. Nice Proactiv commercial Haley, I posted the same one 2 or 3 days ago. It really is a good example of testimonial. Im not a big JB fan, but i guess if I saw that I might try Proactiv.

    P.S. A period is gonna win the blog class challenge!!

  6. i enjoyed learning about propaganda because of the funny videos we watched plus the i pad is fun too. I didnt how much commical around have propaganda

  7. I found this clip on Youtube last year. This clip’s type of propaganda is testimonial because *Justin Bieber* uses Proactiv, so why shouldn’t we?

  8. I found this commercial on youtube, but i first saw it on tv. It is a fear propagand becuase It says if you dont get allsate then you can get in a car accident and have to pay to get the car fixed all your self. Yet this commercial is funny.It also goes with the viedo we saw today with the car accident form txting and driving. The person was not being responsible with there right to drive so that lead to an accident.

  9. I believe two days ago you we were fillign out the propaganda packet and we were going over the ‘faulty reasoning’ example and you asked… other then president obama what others president(s) supported regulating health care? I found the answer to that question was Theodore Rosevelt.

  10. In 7th grade we had to discuss the book poisonous Mushroom. It was about Jews that are bad, making them the poisonous Mushroom. It just reminded me about todays lesson.

  11. Rights come with responsibilities. Rights are something that you have privileges to and you have responsibilities for you and people around you.

  12. During the Holocaust the Nazis use propaganda to convince all the people that non-jews were “the best” or superior. This is a video showing some propaganda from the Nazis: http://youtu.be/VM43UznSX1s. I don’t understand why people would believe Hitler and the Nazis when most of the posters don’t make any sense?

  13. Once I saw a Progressive commercial where s group of people on motorcycles arrived at the Progressive online store. And when they took off their helmets, they were waving their hair back and forth, and it was all messy. And when Flo, the spokeperson, took off her helmet, her hair was neat and not as messy as the others. I believe the propaganda in that commercial was that if you have Progressive insurance, you’ll feel better about yourself. I get cant a link, but I saw the advertisement on TV a while back.

  14. I enjoy learning about the different types of propaganda. I also like the funny videos we get to watch because you realize that there is so much of it used, and most people don’t even realize. Hope we do more on propaganda because I am having a blast with it so far.

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