A Republic…if you can keep it…

Can citizens expect RIGHTS without assuming RESPONSIBILITIES?

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We began our study of the RIGHTS and RESPONSIBILITIES

Students made connections to modern day scenarios and explored similarities & differences between historical, fictitious, and present day MODELS OF CIVIC VIRTUE. One of the popular activities included:

  • Venn Diagram comparing SIMBA from The Lion King with CINCINNATUS from the Roman Republic

Please review responses to the Guided Reading packet BY CLICKING HERE FOR THE GOOGLE DOC OR here:

View the 2 video clips from the Lion King & use the LENS of CIVIC VIRTUE.

NaLa & SiMBa FiGHT


This week’s homework due Monday. Use your WRITER’S CHECKLIST for #s 1-4.

Rights & Responsibilities

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STUDY GUIDE for UPCOMING TEST. Plan ahead and study a little each night. Study Guide Origins Of Amer Democracy

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10 thoughts on “A Republic…if you can keep it…

  1. I felt that the test reviews up above we very helpful. I felt these were helpful to help me focus on the key information. Next time i may try the quiz revoultion because not only are you helping your self, but you are also helping your peers. The benefit to the quiz is you can redo it as many times as you need. The quiz really helped me!! I will definitly consider doing a quiz like this next time!!!

  2. I really liked the game that we played in class today. Good job to Kevin. thanks mrs d. i had fun

  3. Hi Charlie and Guin,
    What Internet Browser are you using? It may be a glitch and if it happens again I will contact Edublogs. Which CYOA are you interested in completing? Remember to follow digital etiquette and check grammar, punctuation, and capitalization.

  4. Guin. This was happening to Zack Dpd. as well. Me and him found this very strange and we tried to re type the security code and it didn’t work. What we had to do was exit out and reopen the blog and rewrite the response. that worked for us.

  5. I was trying to post a comment about responsibilty and rights but then it told me cheating huh? Im not sure why this keeps happening when I try to respond to that question

  6. Hi, does anyone know topics to do the current event on? I’ve looked all over the internet, and nothing is working. Thanks

  7. I agree that if we don’t respect each other’s rights we are violating each other’s natural rights and if there is a government we have to deal with the consequences because it’s the governments job to protect the common welfare of the people and their rights.

  8. For the homework can we just the PSA and Cincinnatus and Simba for examples? Or do we have to just use examples from the republican government packet? I used the PSA and examples of Cincinnatus and Simba so I might have to re-do it.

  9. Okay, this is the third time im commenting because the thing said my email was wrong and it deleted my whole entire answer to the question UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
    Can you expect rights without asumming responsibilities?
    I think that if you dont respect other people then they wont respect you. Like we learned in class today, common good, if your respect there rights and know and care about them, then youll be perfectly fine. If you dont then you cant have rights.

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