Study Tools for Test

Play the quiz below created by Hannah in A pd. How does the media help you as you take the quiz?

Play this quiz and compare the two. How did you do?


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  1. Also, Ms. D. Do the teachers have to renew the accout every 6months?I think that’s what the site said.

  2. Ms. D, I think that I remember the first part of the email username and my number, I just don’t know what’s after @. For example, I think I recall the password too, but I just wanted to know the second “something.”. My health teacher likes the idea, I am going to show her my PSA so she can see animoto in action. I think she signed up for the educators account by googling animoto educators accout, but she wanted to know how to set up each kids separate account. Please help. Thank you.

  3. Hello, for the third and hopefully the last time. Ms. D., if another teacher or my mom (a teacher) wanted to sign up for a free account, how would they do that? Thank you.

  4. Hi, Ms. D., it’s Brennan again. I went on to animoto, but can’t figure out how to sign in. Guess my memory is getting a little sketchy. Could you sen me an email with the password and also it says you need an email address. Should I email you, so you can reply with the instructions? Otherwise, Cherokee is awesome. Everything’s good and so are my classes. My teachers are all nice, so I’m looking at a good year so far. Thank you.

  5. Hi Brennan, It’s great to hear from you! 😀 Are you talking about Animoto? Yes. You may use the password/username but keep it confidential. Tell your teacher that educators get free accounts on Animoto +50 student accounts. How is high school? How are your classes?

  6. Hello Ms. D., wow, it feels like just yesterday my class and I we learning this and doing these quizzes. Time flies. I wanted to ask if you could tell me the video website that me and a few other students did our PSAs on last year. Also, I was wondering if I could use the conch students login and password (which I also forgot) to make a slideshow for a project about drugs I have coming up in health class. If I could, a few of my health classmates might want to see how amazing that program is, and possibly use it too. I told my health teacher about it and she wanted to see if I could show it to her. There are only 14-15 people in my health class. Please respond. Thank you.

  7. I think i did really well on both quizes. btu i feel there might have been a slight glitch in that second quiz because when i clicked on a few of them, next,they all popped up red! Other then that these model quizes and CYOA’s really helped me prepare for the test tomarroW.

  8. I found the answer and her is my quiz:

  9. Hey Ms.D I can’t remember what the rights and responsibilities of citizens are. I looked at where I wrote the page number but I can’t seem to find it

  10. Thanks 🙂 i hope I do well on the test – i have been preparing at home and the things we do in class really help. Thanks and have a good night 🙂

  11. Hi Liv, No. Don’t worry. 🙂 You earned full credit already. We forgot to mention it in some classes therefore, it won’t count against anyone.

  12. Mrs.D,
    I created a quiz for the CYOA as you know. I didn’t realize we had to include pictures and videos. My computer wouldn’t let me and I don’t know why. Will this affect my grade?

  13. i did really good on the test !!!! but for some reason i can’t see the full window of the quiz, it was also happening on the iPads in class today so i guess the blogs comment windows need to be expanded. But anyway, whoever made these tests did a great job !!!!!

  14. Hi Jamie, Thank you for the pop culture connection! This will popular with many students who are huge fans of the show. 🙂

  15. Hi Bec, No problem. 🙂 Some browsers have difficulty communicating with the site. Three pictures or videos is sufficient. What did you think of Quizrevolution?

  16. But here’s my quiz!

  17. Hey Ms D, my quiz wont let some of the pictures/media go onto my quiz,I dont know what the problem is, but I”ve tired many differnet ways to insert it, and different pictures.

  18. The test is really going to help me prepare for the test. The creator did a great job. I only got 1 question wrong, see ya!

  19. I wasnt really ready for the test but know I think I am. These questions helped me remember some events I forgot and gave me a good idea of what the test is going to be about. This was really good and helpful.

  20. these tests are very helpful to me when im studing for tomrrows test. I think im going to do good on tomrrows test.

  21. I took both tests and on each of them I got one question wrong. The question I keep getting wrong is, What is Feudalism? I will keep studying everything but that most of all.

  22. I did rather well on the quiz. I believe that this model will help me with my quiz CYOA. And it was fun too!

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