The goal for this lesson is to identify key rights and responsibilities of US citizens.

If I said, “You have a right to do something,” or “You have a responsibility,” to do something, is there a difference?

FACT FIND FOLDABLE TOPIC: Responsible Citizenship

Use your school handbook or our class Habits of Mind and respond to the following:

List 3 Rights each student has in the classroom.
List 3 Responsibilities each student has in the classroom.

Follow the slideshow below as you complete your “GUIDED NOTES.” 


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  1. One right a student has:

    The right to heat tissues or sharpen pencil when they need to

    One responsibility
    To handle supplies carefully

  2. Rights
    1-Free speech


  3. Responsibilities if each student:
    1. do your homework
    2. Pay attention
    3. Hand in your work on time

  4. One extremely important right Is the freedom of the speech of our magnificent countr. Spelling is not good, sorry. One responsibility is to make sure you are respectful to all people at all times. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read this, PEACE!!!!!

  5. Rights of students
    To be able to ask questions

    To follow all classroom rules

  6. One responsibilty would be always having your homework on time. One right we have is you can say your opinion.

  7. One right we believe a student should always have is the right to ask questions.
    One responsibility we believe a student should always have is to Stay quiet when the teacher or peer is talking.

  8. A right in the classroom is to share your opinion. A responsibility is to do your work on time.

  9. There are many rights and responsibilities in the classroom. One right is that you can share your opinions, without worrying about what others think. One responsibility is you need to respect others and the tools of the classroom.

  10. I said that we have rights in the class rooms but we have to be responcable. For rights i said that we have the right to use the iPads. But they have responcabilitys, we have to use them right do what we were asked to look at.

  11. One right that we came up with is that you can get up and get a tissue at any time.
    One responsibility is that you have to take care of your iPad at all times. these are some actions that us students have to do.

  12. 2 rights: the right to use the iPads
    The right to freedom of opinion

    2 responsibilities: respecting others rights
    Following the ipad rules

  13. List 2 of 3 rights-
    -Right to own supplies (book, pencils etc;).
    -Right to ask questions.

    List 2 of 3 responsibilities-
    -Responsibility to pay attention.
    -Responsibilty to write homework,

  14. One right each student has in a classroom is to speak freely if you have an opinion or a question. One responsibility each student has in a classroom is to respect the school and each person’s property.

  15. One right that students have is freedom of speech and one responsibility is to respect others and their rights.

  16. In the classroom you have rights and responsibilities one right you have is the freedom to learn in a safe environment. A responsibility you have is to follow all directions and listen to your teacher so you can give it your best effort..

  17. Dylan and al responded that one right of a student in the classroom is the right to liberty and the responsibility would be to respect others rights.

  18. One right of students is the right to individual opinions. One responsibility is to be respectful to those around you.

  19. A right that students have in the classroom is freedom of speech. A responsibility that students have is that they have to be responsible for missed school work and they have to ask their teachers for the work.

  20. 3 rights each student has In a classroom.
    *answer a question
    3 responsibilities each student has in a classroom.
    *hand in homework
    *be respectful

  21. The rights a student should have in a classroom is
    1.the right of speech.
    And the responsiblility you should have is
    1. To listen to your teacher.

  22. A right that each student has in the classroom is: * The right to speak their opinion. A responsibility each student has in the classroom is to: * respect other people’s classroom rights.

  23. Responsibilities:
    1)Take care of our items.
    2) Follow directions.
    1) Get supplies.
    2) Ask questions.

  24. Students have the right to question because they would need to clarify each topic they learn. Students have the responsibilities to give each other a chance to learn and to respects other’s zones.

  25. 2 Rights: Free speech, and usage of iPads
    2 Responisbilities: Take care of iPads, and make sure to bring pencils to class.

  26. Rights of each student
    1) to speak their opinion
    Responsibilities of each student
    1) to participate

  27. 2 Rights that each student has is
    -Right to disagree
    -Right to express how they feel or what they think
    2 Responsibilities each student has is
    -To listen to what everyone has to say
    -Be respectful to your peers

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