PresiDenTiaL PoLL

First: Complete your Voter Registration Form
Then: Take the Presidential Poll BEFORE THE CAMPAIGN COMMERCIAL :

After we watch the Campaign Commercials take the poll below.
Do you think the votes will change? Why or why not?

16 thoughts on “PresiDenTiaL PoLL

  1. I think that the election went realy well! I’m very happy about who our new president is, and it didn’t turn into a popularity contest. It went really well.

  2. I really had fun voting today. Thanks mrs d you do a lot. It was s fun almost seemed like I was really voting. Then you passed around cookies yum! Well I had fun thank you.

  3. In my opinion the votes will change.I believe this because I think the videos will have an impact on the votes.

  4. I think that the commercials will change the poll because people will vote for people that they think is funny and people who they think they can relate to.

  5. I think the poll will change because not everyone saw the commercials yet. Also I think it will change because the kids will change their mind about who they want to vote for after they watch the videos.

  6. The videos were cool. I thought anew of them were funny. I think that these commercials might have influenced people’s votes.

  7. I think that all the campaign commercial where worked on very well and I think the poll will not change that much.

  8. I think that the votes will change because people will like the platforms that the other canidates have.

  9. Although all of the commercials were good, there were some that were better than others. This may cause the voting to change

  10. I believe the votes will change after watching the campaign videos. Let’s just say you really get to know the candidates’ true personalities.

  11. To be perfectly honest, I think that all of the commercials were great. Besides the fact that they were all goofy and funny, they still all did the point across. That is what I think about the campagn commercials.

  12. We think the poll will change because all the campaign videos are different. Each commerical will persuade everyone in different ways!

  13. All of the candidTz did a great job and the commercials were cool the best candidate will come out in top!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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