This is PART 1 of our Culminating Project. The Enlightenment foldable is due at the end of the period on Tuesday (Ms. D note – extended until after Thanksgiving). Most of the work will be completed in class. If you need extra time you may finish the project at home. This project will assess your understanding and application of main ideas from our Civics unit to current events. Please remember that each question/prompt on the foldable MUST BE SUPPORTED BY RESEARCH. Record the source for each flap. Take pride in your work, use complete sentences,and do your best.

Warm Up:

Slideshow: View the videos from this slideshow on the Vodpod widget.

Guiding Packet p. 2-4

52 thoughts on “iT’S TiMe FoR eNLiGHTeNMeNT

  1. hey ms digangi! couldn’t find any other place to post this. so i’m just gonna put it here. long time no see! i got bored so i decide 2 check ur blog again 🙂 its cool 2 c some of the same projects + many diff 1’s.

  2. Hi Cole, Thank you for your comment! The main idea is clear and supported by details from your research. Your audience also has a very specific and simple way they can TAKE ACTION. It is also commendable that you are FOLLOWING DIGITAL ETIQUETTE – using capitalization & punctuation. Well done, Cole! HUZZAH! 😀

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