POP CULTURE CONNECTIONS bring history to the present. Our students took the Preamble of 1787 and applied it to modern day scenarios inspired by a reality show. We observed students Thinking Interdependently during the “team huddles” and Striving for Accuracy while brainstorming ideas. Many Applied Past Knowledge to New Situations and demonstrated initiative by creating props and/or wearing costumes.
Did you like this learning activity? Why or Why not?
How will it help you to understand the meaning of the Preamble and apply it to real life?
Which Photo is your favorite? Explain.

The iPads were a perfect tool for the photo shoot and creation of the video. Watch the video of the Photo Shoot and let us know what you think by posting a comment.

We the People
Photo 1 – Athletes, children, babies, homeless, hippie, philosopher (different people)
Photo 2 – Voting Line, voting registrar, ballot box
In Order to Form a More Perfect Union
Photos 1-3 – Wedding ceremony
Establish Justice
Photo 1 – Judge, Bailiff, Witness, Bailiff swearing in witness
Photo 2 – Jury giving GUILTY verdict
Photo 3 – Prosecutor, defendant responding to Guilty verdict
Insure Domestic Tranquility
Photo 1 – Man stops fight between 2 sides
Provide for the Common Defense
Photo 1 – Military with 2 Prisoners kneeling
Photo 2 – Military
Promote the General Welfare
Photo 1 – School field trip to the Statue of Liberty (students taking notes or using binoculars)
Photo 2 – Firefighters rescue people from building while putting out fire with hose
And Secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity
Photo 1 – Students wearing chain link necklaces, locks, and the Statue of Liberty holding a baby
DO Ordain and Establish this Constitution
Photo 1 – Y E S !
for the United States of America
Photo 1 – US Flag
Thanks for watching!

13 thoughts on “PreaMBLe’S NexT ToP MoDEL

  1. Hi!
    I liked learning this activity because it let us interact with our classmates and work together to make a silly picture (that still taught us the lesson). This will help me understand the Preamble because I will remember the lesson and picture we took, by remembering I can link them to the notes we took. It also was real life examples. My favorite picture is the second one. I like this picture the most because they all look so ridiculously dressed and funny.

  2. I thought that this was a great learning activity, because it was very hands on. I learn best with hands on activities because I am a kinesthetic learner. (Which means I learn well by doing it more than hearing it.) This will help me understand the meaning of the preamble because I will remember the different photo shoots, and how everyone dressed up. My favorite one is Promote the General Welfare, when the kids dressed up as firefighters rescuing somebody. It clearly explains how firefighters saving people is great for the community. It is also a great example for the children to follow about helping people.

  3. Hi! I liked this learning activity because it helped us learn more about the preamble of the constitution in a fun way. It will help me understand the meaning of Preamble, because the photos we made described the preamble. My favorite photo was the American Flag, because the stars and colors made it look real.

  4. My favorite picure was the one for “and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity .” I thought this picture clearly represented the statement. Also, the picture was creative with the statue of liberty and all of the people around it.

  5. i really liked this activity. ithink it helped me out with learning what preamble means because when we act it out we come to a better understanding of what things mean. they all made me laugh. very funny.

  6. This activity helped show the meaning of the Preamble by giving us real life examples of what the statements mean. It helps Mr understand how often the Preamble is used in our society. This gave me a fun, visual study guide for our test tommorow. The pictures not only helped me understand and learn the Preamble, it gives me a way to remember an example of the statements.

  7. I liked this activity a lot. It gave us a hands-on ways to learn the words to the preamble and what they really meant. It was fun to set up and design in our teams. Also, it reinforced what we learner in the slideshow, making me understand the Preamble better.

  8. I thought this project was a very good idea. Everybody had fun and we all enjoyed it. It was cool how many of us dressed up and got props for the photo shoot. It also helped everybody understand the preamble more, so we will be ready for the quiz on tuesday.

  9. This activity was an entertaining educational way to apply our knowledge about the preamble. It was also exciting to collaborate in groups and have a competition. I can’t wait till we hear the results!

  10. Hey! I thought this activity was really fun because we got to be creative and work in groups on a fun activity.It helped me understand more about the preamble by talking about it with other people.Some of my favorite pictures are the ones from our A period class and the wedding picture because they were creative and funny. 🙂

  11. This is outstanding project. I am a teacher and will show this assignment. Kudos to the teacher and the students who used critical thinking.

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