The Constitution

Click on Tim and Moby’s picture to watch the video on “Checks and Balances.”
We will play the review quiz and complete the Graphic Organizer during class as an introductory activity. Students, you have access to until 5:30 pm to watch the short movie clips, play the review games, and extend your learning.

FACT FIND using the slideshow below. Strive for Accuracy and check your work. Your handout should match the FACT FIND SLIDESHOW. You will use this slideshow for an assignment using the iPad apps. ON A MOBILE DEVICE? CLICK HERE FOR THE GOOGLE DOC!

EXTRA CREDIT OPPORTUNITIES: Share pop culture connections by posting a stickie below or add to the discussion by watching and commenting on previously stickies.

Stay tuned for additional Posts on the Constitution.

5 thoughts on “The Constitution

  1. Hi Sami, You do not have to take the Constitution test tomorrow. Video clips are never in the slideshow. All videos are located in the vodpod widget on the left sidebar. Make sure you complete the Constitution slideshow packet using the corresponding post and then you can start the Study Guide CYOA on Tuesday for HW. You can take the make up test Wednesday or Thursday. I hope your performances went well! 🙂 I wish I could have seen it. By the way, Chris and Evan created a new Cyoa study tool by writing and performing a rap. I can show you their lyrics tomorrow if you are interested.

  2. hey,mrs d,
    i am extremely confused. so you know that i missed many days from my show. im supposed to take the constitution quiz tommorrow but i dont even know if im ready. i have lots of questiions and i am very confused about the constitution and what i have to study. i didnt beven finish the packet on the constitution but it is in process but the problem is i cant see the videos on the slide show :(. so i just wanted to let u know this because im scared thaqt if im confused and dont have the ruight information i wont be ready to do the quiz or test…. im notsure which it is. thanks so much for your patience with me be absent lately. i apreciate it! well please get back to me .. if not then ill have to explain it tomorrow to u.

  3. While going over the slide show The Constitution and the three branches of the government were clarified for me. The videos really helped me better understand the concepts and terms we learned while fact finding, and also helped me better understand each branch. The video of the man with the drawing and animations really helped me understand the topics better.

  4. Hi Nicole, Review the Constitution handouts means read them over and check for your understanding. The Constitution handouts include, “A Just Right Government,” “Brainpop Matching & Quiz” and the “Constitution slideshow.” Daily review helps keep the information in context and enables you to seek clarification. It’s great that you enjoyed. “Fact Finding.” As I stated today and wrote on the Agenda board we will review the information through interactive discussion, video clips, interactive responses and using an iPad app. We will also use the ActiVotes for a Constitution Review Game called, “Beat the Boss.”

  5. hey mrs.d,
    i had a question about tonight’s homework. i am kind of confused about what to study for the constitution handouts. does that mean the packet we just learned or something different because i looked in my folder and i didn’t really see much that i could study! maybe if you could get back to me and clarify the homework that would be fantastic. that would really help me out. also i thought that today in class it was better to do the notes like that when using the ipads and doing it individually but i think that after we all finish the packet we should review it as a class and talk about it. even though i wrote the whole packet somethings im not really sure what it means and is trying to say about our history and the constitution so that would really help me out!

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