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Remember to use BRAINPOP to review lessons.
Use the VODPOD WIDGET to view video clips that will help you study for next Thursday’s test on the U.S. Constitution.

Plan ahead and start your CYOA by breaking it up into sections. Do a little each night. Don’t wait until the night before the CYOA is due to start. CYOAs are due next Wednesday.

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  1. Hi kids, This is Ryan’s (C pd) BLOGWARTS. Tell us what you think. Do you agree with every response? What would you change?
    The articles of Confederation were not working because congress no way to enforce its laws That meant to states could ignore laws congress also had no way to collect taxes for the military 2. Bicameral the other means to parties 3. We are represented in congress by the representatives and from your two senators 4. The purpose of a president only be able to serve a two 4 year terms is to make sure that no person can overtake power in the government 5. The Supreme Court keeps checks and balances on Congress by having the power to declare a law or act constitutional. 6. The census is a population count taken every 10 years 7. A minimum number of representatives allowed in congress 8. A writ of habeas corpus is a legal mandate stating the right to be seen before a court this protects against unlawful imprisonment 9. Ex post facto laws change the legal consequences of actions committed before an enactment of the law 10. Ex tradition cannot escape punishment by fleeing to another state 11. Treason levying war or in adhering to the enemies giving them aid or comfort 12. Speaker of the house is second in line of presidential succession 13. President of the Senate is the first in line of presidential succession 14. President pro tempore is the third in line for presidential succession 15. In order to become president United States. You must be 35 years old natural born citizen you are only allowed to serve for two four year terms 16. In order to be in the United States Senate must be 30 years old live anywhere in the United States have lived in the U.S for nine years and can only serve a term of six years. For the House of Representatives must be 25 years old living the United States and have lived in theUnited States for seven years and can only serve a two year term 17. In order to be a Supreme Court judge you must be approved by the president of United States and you will serve there for the rest of life 18. The order of presidential succession is to make sure that in case the leader of our country dies there is always a person
    Ready take charge 19. The supreme law of the land is the law that outlaws over all other courts in the in United States. No one is above it made by supreme court 20.
    Montesquieu a French philosopher suggested that we should limit the powers of government so that no one has to much power than the other we should separate the power and balance three different branches of government 21. The Constitution is flexible in meeting the needs of our society because it is an ever-changing document its rules and laws can be changed as long as two thirds of Congress votes to change it 22. The electorial college is a group of people who act like a unit to elect the president and vice president 23. Winner takes all means that most states award the winner of the popular vote all of that states electoral votes 24. The number of votes each stage gets depends on how many districts it has 25. Foreign is anything that happened outside of the country 26. Domestic is anything that occurs inside the country borders 27. For the military the president is the commander in chief and can send troops around the world when it comes to treaties the president negotiates and signs them and in foreign aid the president makes recommendations on laws he wants past signs bills into law or vetoes them. Congress for the military has the power to declare war in treaties Congress must approve the treaty two thirds of Congress must approve the treaty and foreign aid congress right and passes bills.

  2. I did my CYOA on the Flashcards 2.0. While typing the terms and concepts and their meanings it was good studying. I knew lots of the information already, but it reinforced my knowledge of the concepts. The flashcard maker was relativity easy to make, and I will definitely use them to study for the test on Thursday.

  3. Hi Jake, Did you highlight the handouts that head each section? The locations are on the study guide. For example, # 14-21 are in the CONSTITUTION slideshow packet. #22-24 are in the Electoral College handout from yesterday. The rest are located in War and Peace handout from today.

  4. Hi Cole, Have you played GO FISH? You don’t need pictures. You can use any materials you have (paper, index cards, etc). It is similar to matching so you do need to have the terms and concepts on one card and the answer on another card just like GO FISH.

  5. Hi Ms. D. I’m about to start my go fish CYOA, but I’m not sure if I’m supposed to use index cards. Also for the responses am I supposed record my responses on a completely different set of cards than the items from the study guide? Lastly I wanted to know if I have to draw pictures on the cards. Please respond when you get the chance. Thankyou!

  6. Hi Liv, 12-14 are located on the Congressional officers slide and the one immediately after. Read each slide to understand the terms and concepts in context. You can fact check using the slideshow under the post titled Constitution. We also discussed them in class, watched video clips and interactive responses: drawings.

  7. Hi Ms.D! I am doing my CYOA and Im not sure what
    To do for numbers 12-14. Also I think I got number 12 wrong and I dont know how to chEck it. Could you maybe help me? And sorry if my typing is bad, I’m trying to do this on my iPhone.

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