I’ve Got RiGHTS?!

Our class studied several documents that limit the power of government and protect people’s natural rights.
EXTRA CREDIT: Please post a comment making a connection to one of our previous lessons (hint: remember King John, “Taxes, Taxes!”).
Which documents limit the power of government? Explain.
Post a Pop Culture Connection to limits on government in the news, TV shows, music, novels, etc.

On December 10th, 1948, The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was ratified by the United Nations. One of America’s Heroes, an ambassador to the U.N., spent time and overcame obstacles writing the document and persuading members of the U.N to ratify the UDHR. Who was she? What obstacles did she overcome?

Please view our short Historical Scene Investigation and use the UDHR to determine WHICH RIGHT IS RIGHT by viewing the Human Rights Videos on our vodpod widget. Click the right arrow until you find the videos.

To practice Active Citizenship, students will participate in Amnesty International’s Global Write-a-thon and live the legacy of Eleanor Roosevelt and Martin Luther King, Jr. Skills employed include digital literacy, analyzing and interpreting text, persuasive writing, and research.

EXTRA CREDIT: This music video at the UN was very popular with our students. Please let us know how it inspires you. Which lyrics were the most powerful? Why did Amnesty International use music to discuss current events? Share other music videos that offer inspiration and incorporate history and/or current events.

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12 thoughts on “I’ve Got RiGHTS?!

  1. Hi Ms. D! My pop culture connection comes from a TV show, Glee. Coach Sue Sylvester became principal of McKinley High School and she made a rule for no tater tots, because they are “unhealthy” and she is very cruel. The kids in the Glee Club love tater tots, and decided to peacefully rebel to bring the ‘tots’ back.

  2. Im reading a book called The Fire and it connects to the price of silence because an evil dictator took over and if people stood up and try to stop him he wouldn’t have all the power he does now.

  3. i saw an episode of “the Simpsons” where James Madison took Homer in the night to see the making of the Declaration of Independence. The makers of the Declaration then attacked Homer with the Declaration by bouncing him on it like a trampoline. Every time he hit the Declaration he read something from it.

  4. Hi Jazmin,
    Your response uses the Writer’s Checklist and clearly responds to one of the Extra Credit questions. It is succinct and follows blogging etiquette using capitals, punctuation and a greeting. Well done! 😀 I look forward to your future comments!

    Hi Nicole,
    Thank you for sharing your connection to the Republican Primary Election. 🙂 Did you notice a specific propaganda technique used in the commercial?

  5. Hi Savanna,
    The videos are always in the vodpod widget. CLick the arrows until you locate the one you are looking for…I did embed the videos into the blog post for you/ 🙂 What did you like about the video? Answer one of the extra credit questions from the post to earn bleu bucks.

    Hi Harsh and Matt,
    Thank you for sharing your pop culture connections! We are the World and the Black Eyed Peas are perfect examples of pop culture relating to our study of history and current events. Huzzah!! 😀

  6. Hey mrs.D and everyone, today during school we watched some “Inspiring” music. I mentioned some Black Eye Pies songs during class today, that reminded me of the lesson today. The two songs titles are “One Tribe”, and “Where Is The Love”. I will imbed the video’s onto the blog now. Hope you all are “inspired” and enjoy!

  7. This video is called,”We Are The World 25 For Haiti”
    It is related to what we are learning now because it is our responsibility to help everyone in their time of need. Also this was like the video we watched in class today when those people sang in the UN headquarters.

    This is the original video. It was made by Michael Jackson

    It is called,”We Are The World USA for Africa”

  8. Hey Miss.D,
    What was that music video we watched today? I want to show it to my parents.

  9. Hi Ms. D!

    The document that limits the power of the government is The Constitution. The Constitution limits the power by first, creating three branches. The executive, judicial, and legislative. It also has many rules that tells people in the government what they can and can’t do, when it comes to law making etc,. It creates a basic understanding of rules that government officials have to follow. They follow these rules because The Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land.

  10. Hey mrs. D,
    I was watching tv last night and a commercial came up that was about the election to determine who will be the republican nominee that will run against Obama. I thought is was pretty interesting since we were learning about government and still are. I thought at this connected to our unit we are doing in social studies! That’s my connection that I made!!

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